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soo110com2010-02-09 05:01:32 +0000 #1
a long time to use its brain, right brain, any more beneficial to eat a` thank you - often use computers -
dt0100102010-02-09 05:12:18 +0000 #2
fish: fish fat contains protective effect on the nervous system with Omega -3 fatty acids, helps brain. Studies have shown that eating one meal a week of fish, especially salmon, sardines and herring of people, and very few people who fish compared to the incidence of Alzheimer's disease is much lower. Fish also help to strengthen the activities of nerve cells, thereby enhancing learning and memory.

Whole-wheat products and brown rice: Enhancing the capacity of the body to absorb nutrients is the best way to eat brown rice. Brown rice contains a variety of vitamins, is essential for maintaining cognitive abilities.

Garlic: source of energy for brain activity mainly depend on glucose and glucose in order to play its due role, it needs a sufficient amount of vitamins B1 existence. Garlic by itself does not contain a lot of vitamin B1, but it can enhance the role of vitamin B1, as garlic and vitamin B1 can create something called "garlic amine" material, while the role of garlic amine to much stronger than vitamin B1. Therefore, proper eating garlic, can promote the brain glucose into energy.

Eggs: Egg proteins contained in natural food, one of the best proteins, which is rich in amino acids the body needs, while the egg yolk lecithin addition to rich, but also rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron and Vitamin A , D, B and so on, suitable for mental worker consumption.

Walnuts and sesame seeds: modern study found that the two substances are very rich in nutrients, especially the high levels of unsaturated fatty acids. Therefore, eat them, for the brain to provide sufficient linoleic acid, linolenic acid and other unsaturated fatty acid molecules smaller to eliminate impurities in the blood vessels and improve brain function. In addition, walnuts contain a lot of vitamins, for the treatment of neurasthenia, insomnia, relaxation of tension in brain, eliminating fatigue, the brain works well.

Fruits: pineapple is rich in vitamin C and essential trace elements manganese, to help improve people's memory; lemon can improve people's acceptance; banana can provide an important material to the brain tyrosine and tyrosine enable people energetic, focused, and can enhance creativity.

In food Bunao master

Bananas are rich in minerals, especially the high content of potassium ions, while the banana also contains a way to help the body to create "happy hormones" of amino acids, reduce the psychological pressure, often bananas Bunao helpful. In addition, the milk is rich in protein, calcium, amino acids and other nutrients, but also the Jiapin Bunao Oh! Fat: rich in phospholipids, constitute the nerve cells essential substances. Egg yolk: contains Lecithin, eggs, alkali, etc.; brain cells necessary nutrients, the brain of words give strength. Fish: contains a lot of protein and calcium, especially those containing saturated fatty acids, cholesterol can be broken down, so that cerebral vascular patency. Soy: rich in protein, eat a certain amount of soy or soy products can enhance memory. Carrot-ren: contains an abundance of carotene, can prevent and eliminate the brain fatigue. Fungus: contains protein, fat, minerals, vitamins and so on, are brain, Bunao high quality goods. Bananas: rich in minerals, especially the high content of potassium, eat a brain role. Milk: contains protein, calcium, can provide a variety of brain amino acids. Garlic: contains allicin, has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal effect, as well as the role of a certain blood lipid and Bunao.


According to the research on brain growth and development plays an important role in the material mainly in the following eight kinds: fat, calcium, vitamin C, sugar, protein, B vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin E. Therefore, it is rich in these eight kinds of food substances can be counted as a brain food. One of the most prominent is that some food:

1. Walnut. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, this substance can improve the brain structure of the material, which makes good brain. Therefore, people regarded it as the brain food of choice.

2. Offal. Animal offal is not only rich in nutrition, the role of the brain is also much better than animals, meat itself. Because the animal offal meat contains more than unsaturated fatty acids.

3. Brown sugar. Brown Sugar is a carbohydrate contained in the highest calcium, while it contains a small amount of B vitamins, which is very beneficial to the development of the brain.

There are a number of food such as bean sprouts, fish and shrimp, seaweed, honey, beans, etc., but also a very good brain food

eat can be brain food, you can make you smarter. These foods are: head, liver, porcine brain, lean pork, beef, chicken, duck, bone marrow, sea cucumbers and so on.

Eat the head will allow children more intelligent is something we all know. This is because the head contains protein, amino acids, vitamins and a large number of trace elements, to make up the five internal organs, brain puzzle with very good results. There Yangxue Bugan liver, brain effect. Porcine have Bunao, only the dizziness effect.

Lean pork Ziyin Runzao role. Beef with spleen Yiwei, brain effect. Chicken can be warm in the Qi, brain Bunao. Duck with Ziyin Yang Wei, Lee water swelling, Bunao role. Bone marrow can be Zhuanggu kidney, brain tonic. Sea cucumber contains crude protein, fat, calcium content, with Bushen essence, the performance of the effectiveness of brain



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