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What campaign in 1864 opened a prelude to modern design

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design movement modernism modernist design is the architectural design developed from the 20th century around 20 years, the European group of advanced design home architects formed a powerful group to promote the so-called new building campaign in the contents of the very heterogeneous, including the spiritual and ideological reforms, including technological advances, especially in the use of new material, thus the centuries, elite services designed to break the stand and principles, and also put a few thousand years to the building completely dependent on wood, stone, brick tradition has broken down. Then, starting from the architectural revolution, but also affect the urban planning and design, environmental design, furniture design, industrial product design, graphic design and communication design, etc., form a truly complete modernist design movement.

Essentially modernist design is based on functionalism advocated forms follow function (Forms Follow Function). German modernist design master D · Donald explained the basic principles of modernist design is "simple is better than complex and colorful than plain; better than the bright lights of a single color; durable than chasing fads, rational structure, is better than blindly following fashion. "This style of leading the world in the design of Main Tide. So after the war is known as an internationalist style. 1919 Bauhaus (Buahus) the establishment of laying a modernist design. It is advocated rationalism as the starting point, human understanding of nature and the transformation of nature as the premise, emphasizing the physical properties of a law with an objective to the subjective decisions and other people, the laws of human nature. Many modern doctrine, from Germany, Behrens, Gropius to the United States Mies, Wright, Le Corbusier in France are to focus attention on features, styling simple, oppose unnecessary decoration, adherence to the "less is more" principle engaged in the design and creation as their own basis.

The contemporary spirit of modernism is mainly reflected in the following aspects: First, pay attention to the form and style. Second, the concrete turned to abstraction. Third, the performance is more important than reproduction. Fourth, the creation of more than aesthetic. The West since the ancient times began its tradition of artistic creation is the truth-seeking, focusing on the objective and realistic portrayals of foreign objects and records description, but the large-scale industrial era and the beginning of capitalism so that it was discovered that material things are not so important, it is because economic development changes were alienated and become psychological metamorphosis, and become distorted mind, and God is dead, people without the spiritual support, lonely helpless, beliefs, missing, bent solely on profit, so writers began to look for in his works the meaning of life, to talk to inner depression, digging deep sense of inner world of the main flow. This shift in modern literature and Freudian psychoanalysis disciplines focus on the human consciousness there is a certain relationship.

In the form, using a series of Western modernism classical literature has never used the innovative technique of writing, such as the structure constructed in accordance with the ancient Greek gods system, the "Ulysses" in the language to take an unstoppable stream of consciousness without punctuation the way of writing the "Sound and the Fury" and, in the plot to the main character to take a bold change of sex, "Orlando" and so on, these works of Western literature, to inject fresh vitality.



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