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How do fitness at home! ? ? ?

Hello Sea2010-02-09 05:01:58 +0000 #1
Do not have time to go outside the movement, at home no major fitness equipment, and only a small dumbbell-like things, how to use it to achieve the purpose of fitness! ?
gilnahm2010-02-09 05:13:24 +0000 #2
Do not underestimate the dumbbell can be done with dumbbells all the major muscles of the body exercises

1, the lower back: Compared with the barbells, lifting dumbbells can reduce the pressure on the spine. Furthermore, using dumbbells to do the movements more comfortable. If you use dumbbells to do straight leg dead lift exercises can also be effective in well-developed biceps femoris.

2, the small legs: standing, holding dumbbells toes to leg exercises, leg machines than with the training better. Can also be stepping feet palm wood, the dumbbell on his knees on one leg or legs sitting toes practice.

3, back: Compared with the barbells, dumbbells to do with one or two bent rowing (lower arm boating safer on the back) make the back muscles even faster pace. Single-arm dumbbell row has been a seven Mr. Olympia winner Lee Haney usual back exercises. Sit on the bench doing dumbbell-bent arm move practice, not only to exercise serratus anterior chest, but also well-developed on both sides of the back muscles.

4, chest: Supine bench with a dumbbell to do Horizontal push, push, and the ramp is tilted under a push to do more favorable than with barbell muscle growth, because it will stimulate the muscles more extensive in-depth. Can also be used to do multi-angle birds dumbbell exercises to develop the various parts of the pectoral muscles. A good practice is to finish a set of dumbbells birds immediately after doing a set of dumbbells lying elected exercises. This practice is not only effective, but also can reduce the burden on the shoulder to avoid sports injuries.

5, shoulder: the various forms of dumbbell exercises can be developed shoulder muscles. For example, using dumbbells to do side-Ping Ju, the former level and bent birds held exercises to develop shoulder deltoid muscle in the beam, pre-and post-beam beam. The development of trapezius muscle can be used, or circling dumbbell shrug exercises.

6, biceps: dumbbell curl for the practice of many bodybuilding champions biceps muscle "peak" and a best practice. Different forms of dumbbell curl make a more brawny arm, and muscle mass separated from the rear view, clear and prominent.

7, triceps: The one-arm dumbbell arm or both arms neck flexion and extension exercises, can reach a horseshoe-shaped triceps fat. Dumbbell exercises may be lowered as far as possible to enhance the training effect.

8, forearm: dumbbell wrist curl is be able to develop the medial forearm muscles; the development of the lateral forearm muscles are anti-grip curl.

9, thigh: a small wooden heel pads to do dumbbell squat weight-bearing exercises, can be developed quadriceps. If the folder lying on a long bench on the legs to do curl dumbbell exercises, can also develop biceps femoris.

10, abdomen: supine, the dumbbell behind us abdomen-ups, can be practicing abdominal muscles; abdomen leg raise (upper body fixed) can be practiced in the lower abdomen muscles.

Not just a little bit from another angle or position of these muscles reaches a different

it takes time to accumulate a long time to understand that you will own a lot of good posture
yaohui20452010-02-09 05:13:19 +0000 #3
There are fitness yoga exercises while listening to music Sports



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