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Beijing Dance fashion how kind of coach training

art of life2010-02-09 06:01:40 +0000 #1
do not know how this school like trying to learn fitness coaches have to know excuse
Yue Dance Fashion2010-02-09 06:11:37 +0000 #2
Dance Fashion (Beijing) Fitness instructor training institutions - China's most fitness strength training institutions, by virtue of its own leading-edge courses, music and dance has always been in the domestic fashion industry, fitness training, occupies a pivotal position, thereby creating an elite fitness trainer aggregation, interaction between coaches and coaches more real, the beneficiary The fitness-sharing platform, implement and promote the concept of the elite coaches to promote regional and national promotion of the grand plan.

In 2009 was named "Top Ten Beijing integrity of the brand industry, education and training institutions" title.

Fitness instructors nowadays is a relatively hot career, but it is in the Chaoyang stage, their development potential and prospects of different limits! Western countries are very popular, the rise of China will soon this is just fashion, free, high salary, but also fitness bodybuilding is a dream of all women and men are professional, whether it is opened when the coach or your own is a good choice -

There are It depends on you is not the determination to go this route determination, and would like as a coach is not so easy, but as long as you have made up my mind to go on the bar, not a three-minute warm Oh, He He --



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