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zseawq_1232010-02-09 07:01:46 +0000 #1
my daily exercise are all tired I want to ask when the next exercise was a one-off completely provisions?

Still do get tired, they rest 2 seconds? For example, one time I could not do push-ups

40 I can do 30 have time to rest 2 seconds while continuing to do Well?

such results should not be affected bar?
guolpyy2010-02-09 07:11:06 +0000 #2
should be grouped so, rest 1 minute between the two groups, if it is to exercise the muscles, increasing the circumference, it should be maximum withstand 8-12 times for a group. That is to do push-ups, a set of standards can only be done 12 times, and that the most suitable exercise muscle

If more than this number, appropriate for muscle endurance, which is unarmed training, weaknesses, not increase the weight of
, but may come and go push the approach to increase the degree of difficulty, such as the narrow-width distance from the push-ups difficult than a lot of lower body can also increase the resistance of the high shelf.

That these actions can be performed under 12 when doing a higher degree of difficulty in relation to the action of, for example using parallel bars to do arm flexion and extension



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