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I do want to eat protein powder

Desperate wind flowers2010-02-09 08:01:48 +0000 #1
Although the fitness, but at the initial stage, and the targets are only required for each fitness shapely

End of drink cans of milk before bed sheet

daily doses of two amino acids amino acid chelator for calcium

1-2 eggs a day

because the protein and amino acids to switch to each other, so eat eat protein amino acid =?

This case, I drink protein powder will not be excessive?

Kin-lovers say that listening to too much protein can cause liver and kidney burden.
ooaalove2010-02-09 08:04:15 +0000 #2
heroin in the initial stage of eating eggs bit of a waste of

Why, because when you start to eat the body and has not been a lot of protein and carbohydrate entry, can be said that in the nutritional aspects of your body are "virgin "

Your goal is simple, well-proportioned body, but also did not you like a swimmer, but the goal is simple, but each person to practice the concept is still the same

you must first gain weight, at this stage you do not consider your fat problem , because you are Thin, Thin already low body fat, why should the weight gain it, because you need to power up your weight, and your strength will grow, which is an unchanging truth, weight up and we have to muscle training can be targeted, that is, to practice on Monday, the chest, back at practice 2 ... ... to your satisfaction and then at the beginning of Dietary Fat Reduction

you have to eat during weight gain is very important, because you eat too many carbohydrates You up there will be more fat, protein, carbohydrates too little muscle on the rise very slow and therefore require a percentage, which is the reason there is increased muscle powder.

What I said was the theory, you do not have to worry about I just said ratio.

Fitness training three hours seven minutes to eat, you are now training the next day, because you simply can not keep up exercises every day, the body will result in training, no enthusiasm, passive, and do not want to train.

As you eat with the fitness program I suggest you go to the gym to request a personal trainer to help you.

In here, you said there were plans of the people are irresponsible, because they simply have not seen you and your body.

Waiting for you to eat natural food is estimated that we can achieve the degree you want, and if you would like on a high during this period, this time using protein powder on the best, because your body is a virgin area in the tonic effect of would be very good.

Natural recipes by weight will not come up so fast away, you are depending on the weight of protein powder to eat out do not practice you will be away for some time, so natural food is always a staple food, protein powder is only an auxiliary

concluded by saying that you are eating the amino acids you still stopped right now of no use to you.

You need to use the supplements is the following: Protein Powder BCAA, or glutamine (after two things are used during the period of Dietary Fat Reduction)
walk the small New2010-02-09 08:40:54 +0000 #3
the amount of daily protein intake should be: one kilogram of body weight one gram of protein



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