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Biceps `` a good long slow, please predecessors, fitness instructors to give lessons `` Thank

zongtongtaoj2010-02-09 09:01:51 +0000 #1
you fitness instructors, brother were good.

21-year-old brother.

I am fitness training almost a year.

But the biceps long very slow, compared to the chest with some are small.

My training is like this.

The first day, biceps, triceps together to do.

The next day, push the chest.

The third day, pushing the shoulder.

The fourth day, pull back.

Then in the loop to the first day, up to now not undergone the training legs.

Practiced for so long biceps, and always is in 3233 the latitude is really too small.

Hey `` I practiced very diligent.

Every day go to the gym, the gym the people are say that I am rain or shine.

My diet, that is, three meals a day. Normal.

I am very love of fitness is really good to think of themselves Enhancing `` `
If there are master, or the fitness predecessors` give me some pointing `` I really heartfelt thanks.

My QQ 95404922 `` or they can send messages to this number 13,655,507,670 ``

want to have a teacher, older brother to do something to the guidance of `arrange time for fitness means ``

I really love you `` I Fitness Enhancing `` `trouble trying to master their predecessors ````

qilei565892010-02-09 09:09:26 +0000 #2
such a practice if you are not working well, it is necessary for the 1st day of the pull-back


the first two days to push chest 3 Head-bellied

the first three days training legs 2

4 days to push on the shoulder and belly three hurt

the first 5 days of aerobic training break

you may wish to try this approach, attention to training large muscle groups first, so that has 2 With a sufficiently strong stimulus, two effects will do better, and the two not to use too many isolated movements

as you approach, does not apply, the arm single out one day to train with this on well, you see your three Lian Wan, and followed the next day to push the chest, then push the chest is bound to affect the training intensity ah, and the three recovery slow, attached practiced two days three, so many suffer ah

you'll practice what I tell you, Guarantee particularly good

attention to pull back would not have too much finished Group 2 of the ,12-15 group is sufficient. Do first barbell curl, and then care-style, and finally to pull the pull the dumbbell-shaped, so several groups of the brachial muscle, so full of enough

talk about your diet, three meals a day is definitely not enough, at least have four Gordon, as if your situation can not be too careful dietary control, but it should at least pay attention to food and drink mix and high protein intake of

fitness before the water, eat high-carbon, training and a half hours later to add protein, eat chicken meat and egg white

before going to bed half an hour would also add protein powder if the drink on the bar to eat egg white and milk. So eat before you are stronger for more, refueling bar
522,365,8092010-02-09 09:45:54 +0000 #3
upper arm dimensions, not only depends on the biceps, triceps also occupies a large part. Practicing for so long, your triceps development, how? Brachial muscle, brachioradialis muscle then? To increase the dimensions of the upper arm, which should also be going to stimulate the muscles, only the pursuit of biceps exercises, even if the practice out of the upper arm does not look beautiful. This is a few muscles to synchronize training, first of all your actions should be in place to minimize (in addition to its original form outside of the muscles involved in muscle action) such as: concentration curl. Also note that the pinnacle of muscle contraction. The other is the choice of a larger weight from time to time to stimulate the muscle fibers. (Results are significant) should also be noted that in the training time to "read the same action," so that your nerves can enhance your ability to control the muscle fibers, there will be more muscle fibers participate in sports. In the form of muscle contraction also may come and go, to the heart muscle contraction and eccentric contraction. There is also, the biceps long head and short head, separate out of practice. This biceps can also increase the degree of separation. The muscles have to be a few other exercises, so that your upper arm will be more plentiful and more beautiful! (Nutrition, he is also very important to break Oh)



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