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Learn how before breaking training

zseawq_1232010-02-09 10:01:44 +0000 #1
How are you training exercise

there is nothing to how to how such training is only reasonable that when will the number of push-ups what to do

Thank you
681862010-02-09 10:09:54 +0000 #2
First fitness: sit-ups, push-ups a day 300, a 100, action is necessary to regulate, at intervals of not more than 3 minutes

want to. Leapfrog Group 5, a group of 50, slowly increases. There are running endurance exercise. Inverted, first of all to find the wall

inverted sense of skilled away from the wall after the inverted (on-line with inverted video), upside down a few points to note, Lithuania

when the hand will not close together, we must substantially open, the angle between the fingers On the greater good. After the open hand into the ground

a compliment, the wrist 90 degrees which is the arm with your hand is 90 degrees. With the clutch in, the attention to fingers

force under the press, this is the key, inverted up later, not with the palm down to Zhu, but with the clutch in. Finally

would also like to note that, when inverted, the first must be a natural point, do not force to move backward extension, pay attention to nature, so that light

loose points.

Then ligament, stretching, waist, open shoulder. Method is not to say, and at first the waist can be touched the wall slowly

under the open-shoulder with a towel or clothing will do.

Then the body coordination, which is the brain power. Can be left circle, one on the right hand look at the feet go dancing


These are just physical training, but also a sense of musical practice the dance. At first, you can find someone to point the pace was slow

songs check out the location of the mirror driving music, free dance, looking for feeling, do not deliberately to imitate other people's movements, so that

have their own style. Breaking the most basic steps top rock, with the rhythm of the dance steps, it is important and the most

Good to find a teacher or a good friend teach you to dance several top rock, and then in their own learning, basic science, it is hard not good

again changed. There are six basic steps of the category.

Now you would think of such basic training, I am also a novice.
2365058602010-02-09 10:23:41 +0000 #3
breaking right arm, wrist and waist power are higher, and a good idea to insist on the initial day, 200 sit-ups, 100 push-ups, post-increase slowly, doing a basic physical no problem a few months, and Of course, flexibility is also necessary to



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