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How to train with the push-ups in order to train large chest for a long time I insisted that all tra

963,173,8732010-02-09 11:01:03 +0000 #1
to how I did not come to the lotus device can only use push-ups
yz1987_2010-02-09 11:10:27 +0000 #2
Attention must be done will be effective add-arm push-ups!

Plus-arm push-ups simply, it is posted live to intensify the two elbow armpit!

Very simple had been a soldier all know that
solomonqq2010-02-09 11:17:36 +0000 #3

In the absence of equipment cases, push-ups as a relatively simple and effective way to train chest啦, but also save money,, He He. If the training are successfully implemented, there will be some improvement in chest, or the. You say you do not practice for a long time, or practice, this and push the limits are. Because to do push-ups rely on is your own body weight (unless you do push-ups when the back load), when you reaches to a certain extent, you can no longer its own weight and more effective to stimulate the chest to reach a certain thickness and separation of degrees, just do push-ups is not enough.

If you can only do push-ups, then there is only one way is to back load, put barbell films, or other weights to compensate for their lack of weight, but someone must be in the side protection, back load or large, You can not control, it would be dangerous.

Thank you!



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