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Muscle strain

pull the non-Shuai2010-02-09 12:01:59 +0000 #1
Once I was stretching when he heard Gabbana soon as the feeling of thigh pain when walking thigh are sore, legs simply unable to raise comes, after a month or so legs can be the activities of啦, but it does not do much more action, and sometimes a long time sitting啦, buttocks will be hurt, then how's going on
Heart Guoxin2010-02-09 12:07:12 +0000 #2
muscle strain occurred in the muscle belly and the muscle belly boundaries Office, may also occur in the tendon attached to the bone at. Strain injury may be subtle, it could be part of the muscle fibers tear, or even completely rupture.

The symptoms of muscle damage related to the degree of muscle strain. The case of minor injuries, symptoms of light; the case of muscle fibers completely broken, then the pathological heavier. Usually manifested as wound pain, local swelling, muscle tension or spasm, there is significant tenderness, and touched the hair hard. When the injured muscle active contraction or passive stretch to do when the pain worse. Severe muscle strain in the muscle fiber fracture, the wounded themselves often feel or hear Duanlie Sheng, then local swelling, subcutaneous bleeding, physical activity barriers, depression or both ends in the breaks in touch abnormal enlargement.

Muscle strain re-participate in training should be gradual, do not act with undue haste, and to strengthen the partial protection against re-injury.

We recommend that you control the text described above to determine whether they can participate in some sports!

If the pain is not alleviated, seek medical treatment as soon as possible!



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