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If you want to mention 7 IELTS writing, then what needs to practice it

arena of small confused A2010-02-09 13:01:09 +0000 #1

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hard to come by. . . Writing the original it will be difficult to upgrade

you are the original score is the number? 7 am, because of writing.

Below is my test experience, for reference:

The first test did not finish the essay, task2 finished, and both sides of the arguments would be supported and sweat. . .

task1 only write two sentences, got 4.5. usually do not practice writing, efforts are placed on the reading. Schools have asked for a single-door 6.5, or can be equipped with language. At that time simply did not finish the reasons, as long as the finish on the next line ... (I took part in all kinds of tests often I will never finish)

the second time, Fan saw, but also finished the! Reasoning is the logic of the University 6. They think grammar, sentence patterns are very loud, and foreigners should be very satisfied.

Logic is as follows:

rewrite background information in support of A point of view. There are three reasons.

Reason 1. . . For example,

Cause 2. . . For example,

reason 3. . . For example,

In short, I support the view

the results of A. . . I still failed,

intermediaries to tell me that 5.5 is commonly passing score, this simple logic, there is the level of foreign residents is not enough. So I introduced them to a writing expert, suggested that I participate in writing the block of 10,000 assault course. I used the only remaining reason rejected ---

learn from this lesson asked the next predecessors, including the study of people over there, telling me foreigners thinking is the argument - Refutation of the (good few) - to refute refuting theory (respectively, Refutation to refute a few) - will eventually support the original theory.

then come up with a new writing guide books Oriental, Picea children, and quite thin, inside there is the example listed in various grades, we know what should be written as kind of. When ready to begin the initial IELTS test 100 to block from the Internet to buy 25 books, is a package. Some write books task1 speaks quite good, but task2 not as good as this, but I just watched, what kind of 8 hours writing, writing less than 6, I do not like reading IELTS essay, as if written in four sophomores 6 papers. That writing experts also said that it is almost Fan is 5.5 points.

6 or more points is to logic, good (that is, the process of a good argument), sentence was also drawn stippling.

20 days after the second failure of the third writing got 6.5.

Sum logic is:

Paragraph 1:

rewrite the background information in support of A point of view, this is because m. .. n. .. other reasons (simple listing of the positive reasons for m, n, after all, our focus is on the back of this article of the barge). Then said the focus: Admittedly, there is one ... two ... three reasons for opposing it. (Here the opposite point of view 123 is also a simple one to write, you can write phrases compiled in the sentence, you can go to find a good Fan summed up a sentence, first paragraph with this sentence overawed examiner, sentences are a direct bearing on the spot of the , write down will know to give extra points, that the Redskins can find inspiration for the book.)

Paragraph 2:

1 was introduced to the opposite point of view, and then generally is someone that is based on one. . . a. ... b. ... but how how a wrong, b how how wrong, it does not hold a negative point of view.

Paragraph 3:

was introduced to the opposite point of view 2, and then generally there is a point of view is based on two. . . a. ... b. .. c., but a how how wrong, b how how wrong, c is not a negative point of view 2 right ..... so perfect.

Paragraph 4: For the opposite point of view 3, copy the paragraph two, three mean. The article about the case, you can use only one reason to split it.

(Written in a rich, then just write two opposing opinion, a.. 2..., And then sub-refute them, and words enough, the article feels like a fullness, but do not give that feeling back and forth, then Che Gulu)

Finally concluding paragraph:

since 1,2,3 have been rejected, they still support the A point of view.

Full attention to multi-purpose conjunction symbol relationships! To let the other side to see clearly over the years. Important -

I was in Australia in March 2010 to study the future, if applying to migrate, or go to test 7, the other is not worried because the writing above the 3rd ... that idea is correct, it is worth to verify .

If this is incorrect, please tell me, we have to work together! --



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