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How do fitness呀?

Dragon 645,679,0872010-02-09 14:02:00 +0000 #1
I have third-year, 15-year-old, weighing 100-110 kg, height 1.85

Now I do a standard push-ups can also be done on the Pazainaer 10 can not move, and the next day aching muscles, how should fitness, the stomach less of fat (belly tattoo that on both), the physical exam is coming up soon. You want it high marks, a few months can be effective Mody?
qd8141372010-02-09 14:07:02 +0000 #2
wow 15-year-old 185 - tall and very good varieties, there will be a good exercise adhere ----- ---

The effect of exercise, there will be sore after the general feeling -

the beginning of the based mainly brisk walking, after all, running like a --- a great stress for you - to the knees are under great pressure of the -. The amount of brisk walking each day to be just - a day of brisk walking a half-hour or so - minutes away both times. - Closed both days a week - do not go - rest time could be weeks 3 and weeks 6 - This is more appropriate -.

Sit-ups - If Max can do a 10 - that a group of 5 - 5 groups to do - finish a group of break of a minute - exercise 3 days a week - day 2 -

start flinching sitting position while sitting on stool, his hands back stays in the stool. Method of Direct legs forward. Action process shrink from the calves, knees, the highest possible point. Rectus abdominis muscle contraction and complete a second, then slowly landing leg until it is completely straight. Breathing method of reduction when the suction from a calf, landing breath.

Note that the main points of this a little more easy, and its role in the knee on the size of the whole to mention the speed of the high and low and movements. The more slowly the higher the greater the smaller the contrary. 2 times a day, three groups - one group to do 5-10. Done a break of one minute. Can and sit-ups with the practice -

push-ups - to do a 1-3 Group A - 5-8 group. To do two times a day to do two times a week -

usual diet for weight control --- 1 month after the increase could be an appropriate amount of exercise ---

exercise time control click - and then one hour before meals, meals After an hour or half an hour before going to bed - to avoid increasing the burden of gastroenteritis - and because of the cerebral cortex of the poor sleep caused by over-excitement -.



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