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Sit-ups Training

_____ Su Muzhe2010-02-09 14:02:19 +0000 #1
I can only do one-minute sit-ups 11,12 next

week there are ways to do the next 25?

April, when sports in the examination will be increased to 35 under the above, it should be how training?
baixuemuyang2010-02-09 14:10:50 +0000 #2
my primary sport does not pass, can only do 15,6 a summer under the subsequent four-year increased to 45.6 on the main thing is to do more to make your abdominal muscles stronger, there are three months of training from the past, I think I was then separated on 40 minutes to do a one-time 30 a day to do a few hundred to get up the next morning, but every other day, a little better then to continue seven days after a one-time can be do 35, there is still the morning up to make 100, and sleep when the 100, a summer can reach 45, and now junior high, when there are more than 60 a minute, and anyway, never less than 60, mainly to practice.

There is not such a soft place on the sofa practice, the effect is the worst in the wooden floor or hard wood bed effect we go, do not train people to help when otherwise it is impossible to achieve the best effect of abdominal training, exercises are do not rely on explosive power, you can not pursuit of speed, do not use their feet to withstand, the best to use z-shaped cross-refers to the position following an abdominal Daotou, above a horizontal thigh pricked that the calf, this is the force of the waist, and does not use Hand force head band together, use the force waist, this sense of what you want to own,

You should be a third-year not so much time to do it for half an hour a day job to do under 30 as a rest before going to bed 100 is divided into three group to do a month should be able to raise more than 20, the refueling ah, this must have perseverance, depends on breath insisted on doing Do not put the tone I threw a small mouth breathing or body would become soft in
cuteprincess882010-02-09 14:34:40 +0000 #3
In my experience I think that it is impossible in a week to improve to 25 under. However, if you insist on practicing sit-ups every day, I believe that one day you will be able to do.



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