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Consult a fitness Daren way for my fitness

meteortx2010-02-09 17:01:05 +0000 #1
I 175, weight 190 or so, want to go to fitness to lose weight, but go to the gym do not know how to practice after what equipment and training, so consult a fitness Daren gave me to develop a fitness program, specifically In the gym where the steps in using the various instruments a long time, I am now a daily diet of porridge, or milk, coarse grain pancake or whole-wheat bread, eggs or duck eggs, pickled vegetables, cucumber with an apple to eat these months, as early as the middle and late three tons, because I the value of one night shift every other day, so when the night shift at midnight plus meal, eating is these, I go to a gym every other day, people should first consult over what was doing, how long the training several groups of practicing, I will now target the main is thin, then thinner thighs (too coarse a, ha ha) followed by trying to practice a high point of the shoulder, I now have a shoulder width, but it is too low. Please give me up to people to develop a detailed plan, do not give me a link or copied from somewhere else to finish up, and so is not to the sub, I hope to have a detailed plan for me, like the personal trainer to develop the so, but the gym is too expensive personal trainers, but not practical. Thank you Daren, and was adopted the answer I would certainly add points!

qd8141372010-02-09 17:12:40 +0000 #2
Every time the gym both days to go! Bar 3 times a week - on the bar when the three times - how much training time will be 2 hours --- the assumption that bar

suggested 15:00 to 17:00 time period of this exercise - are a relatively good results period of time - a lot of people also chose this time to exercise.

You have a relatively heavy weight - and do not know if it is not the type of my belly, or - Zhuang Male type -

If you have 2 hours of exercise time. Generally speaking, at least insist on treadmill jogging jogging for half an hour ---- --- exercise is best to be there when the -

the remaining time can do muscle exercises - in general -- muscle - dumbbell barbell used in weight - is a standard action to do their best to carry the greatest weight of two thirds or so of the best -

because you are both days, so do a workout - exercise to rest time is not necessary -

A. barbell bench press exercises focus areas: the pectoralis major, deltoid and triceps. The vast majority of champion bodybuilding athletes grip the Yang-elected as the best upper body exercise movements. B. Start Position: Sit on flat bench press bench, feet flat tread on the ground. Two hands hold the bars up, his hands a little wide and more par pitch, his arms straight barbell support to live at the upper chest. C. action process: to make two straight arm to the both sides of the open, his arms slowly flexion, barbell vertical drop, until the bars come into contact with the chest (approximately close to the nipple line side). Then push up until the opening position, repeat do. D. Training Points: Do not arch the back and buttocks, or hold your breath, it would be to lose muscle control, is dangerous. To choose their own bear the weight of the largest weight of two thirds - Quantity control (it was to protect the case - to do the largest number of half) to do 3-5 group --- a break 1 minute - if relatively easy to do , then rest 30 seconds -

on the inclined barbell bench press

A. Key training areas: the upper part of pectoralis major muscle, followed by the deltoid and triceps before the beam. B. Start Position: Sit in the oblique angle of 35-45 degrees bench press bench. C. Action Process: two hands a little wide and more par pitch, his arms straight and shoulder support to live at the top of the barbell. Down to the upper chest (near the collarbone Department) when the suction. When the bars a contact with the chest, that is promoting for cook, when pushed breath. D. Training points: generally use a wide grip, bars down at the clavicle Department, this method makes the chest muscles need them strength. The weight of the number of ditto -

standing arms and chest side of the drop-down folder

A, focus on training site: Main Body pectoralis major and deltoid. Grip touching the location of the high fitness is on the chest; grip position in the central or lower, body-building is in the chest or lower chest muscles. B, Start Position: feet opening, shoulder width, the body standing beneath the chest, his arms on the lateral move, elbow slightly bent, hands holding hearts were pulling down to the end of the handle device. The focus should be on a downward direction at 45-degree angle. (Not less than 30-degree angle). C, action process: breathing, upper body slightly forward, arms down by the force a slash to the chest clip to submit $ & * shape, until the two chest handle touching. Pause 2-4 seconds, then exhale, slow to restore. Repetition. D, the training points: upper body always keep a little forward, are not allowed to swing before and after the help; to fully extending his chest muscle, slow, rhythmic movements required to carry out; the completion of action when the arms balance of force to prevent the tug or sudden movement to restore. Do 3-5 Group -

sitting bent clip chest

A, focus on training areas: the pectoralis major muscle and shoulder deltoid group B, starting position: sitting in a fixed chair butterfly trainer, abdomen, chest , tight waist, upper body upright, two arm resistance device pad on the arm, the arm perpendicular to the ground, upper arm parallel with the ground. C, action process: breathing, arms chest clip at the same time forced to the center, so that the resistance of two separate devices with touch as much as possible, pause 2-3 seconds, then exhale and slowly restored. D, training of key points: note that the completion of action to be smooth, calm and prevent sudden fierce movements folder 3-5 Group -

Sit back rest

A. Key training areas: the biceps, pectoralis major, deltoid and the great circle muscle and so on. B. Start Location: body supine, hands slightly behind the stays in the stool, the feet on the lower bench on the other parts of the body floating. C. Action Process: breath, shoulders relaxed, arms slowly elbow flexion, the body sink as far as possible (in particular, Shen hip), pause 2-3 seconds, then inhale, stretch his arms propped forced to restore the body. Repeat to do. D. Training points: arm flexion and extension when the medium-speed stability, the body should be straight, elbows to arms inside the folder. Raise the height or weight-bearing foot can be difficult to improve training and increase load stimulus. 4-6 Group ---

A. overlooking the Legislative arm flexion and extension exercises focus areas: the triceps. B. Start Location: natural stand in stool at one end, upper body flexion to the back and parallel to the ground, his left hand to palm support on the bench, right hand holding dumbbell, elbow, so that the right upper arm close to the back side of the body and parallel to the forearm sag . C. Action Process: hand-held bell, upper arm next to the skin, fixed elbow position, holding bell back to the top of the lift arm straight, then slowly down to restore. Only the forearm up and down activity. D: Training points: adopt the "principle of training in isolation," holding ring to the whole arm straight time, so that the complete triceps contraction to maintain the number of still and silent 1,2,3, and then put aside to restore the 3-5 group

Barbell Row overlooking the Li

A. Key training areas: the main exercise the largest muscle groups on the back - latissimus dorsi muscle, followed by the trapezius, Okashimo muscle, straight spine, after the beam deltoid, biceps and forearms Department effective. B. Start Position: feet shoulder width to open the same, upper body parallel with the ground before the song, knees slightly, driven by a sense of back muscles do not tighten. Two palm inward, spacing with the shoulder width, arms hanging straight and holding bells C. action process: so that the two move on both sides of the upper arm, close bars filed, until the bars access to the upper abdomen and then slowly down to restore, repeat do. D: Training points: Most athletes in the practice of this action is using a wider grip, which makes different parts of the muscles being stimulated. In the clean, they should feel that the use of back muscle contraction force, rather than just to mention the weight up only. 3 to 5 groups -

A. focus on sitting back of the neck pull-down exercise areas: the deltoid muscle after the beam, trapezius, the back muscles and arm muscles B. Start position: sitting on exercise machine pulling back a fixed seat , the hands holding the top of the respective ends of the handle bars. C. Action Process: suction, scratch the top of the vertical position of the drop-down bars to the back of the neck and shoulder level, pause 2-3 seconds. Then exhale, slowly restored along the same route. Repeat to do. D. Training Points: Note that when the arms balance of force to complete action to prevent the tug or uncontrolled suddenly restored. Using a wide grip grip handle. The drop-down can also be used anterior approach to practice, that is, at the time of the drop-down bars before pulling to the chest. 3-5 Group

sitting anterior focus of the drop-down

A. Exercise areas: the deltoid muscle before the beam, trapezius, the back muscles and arm muscles B. Start position: sitting on exercise machine pulling back a fixed seat both hands holding the top of the respective ends of the handle bars. C. Action Process: suction, scratch the top of the vertical position of the drop-down bars to the chest, pause 2-3 seconds. Then exhale, slowly restored along the same route. Repeat to do. D. Training Points: Note that when the arms balance of force to complete action to prevent the tug or uncontrolled suddenly restored. Using a wide grip grip handle. Can also be used behind the neck pull-down approach to practice. 3-5 groups - can be mixed with post-tensioned to do -

seated alternate dumbbell curl

A. Key training areas: the biceps B. Start position: sitting on stool at one end, two hands holding dumbbells each , drooping side of the body. C. Action process: the one hand, a bell bent Zhijian ago. And then slowly down, while another hand-held bell bent. Hands alternately to do curl. D: Training points: Some body-building champion like at the beginning of palm down, bent, make the wrist go out before the shoulders. Restore back down again when they think that training more effective. 3-5 Group

standing chest-arm anti-grip curl exercises

A. Key parts: The main bodybuilding biceps and brachialis B. start position: natural standing, feet spacing and shoulder width, chest closed belly tight waist. Placed in the right arm straight down the side of the body, palms forward grip handle at one end. C. Action Process: suction, elbow slowly opened up his right chest near the right shoulder home department, pause 2-3 seconds, then exhale and slowly restored, repeat do. D. Training points: on the pull, the upper body to remain straight, the elbow should not rock back and forth. 3 to 5 groups

side-Ping Ju

A. Exercise key areas: the lateral deltoid muscle in the beam position. B. Start Location: Natural standing, hands holding dumbbells of various pituitary ago, two little elbow flexion, boxing eyes forward. C. Action process: two hand-held bells at the same time to both sides of the lift until the lift to the high position with the head of Qi. Then, slowly falling back to Xunyuan Lu in situ, and then repeat to do. D. Training Highlights: bell raised and lowered in the holding process, so that is always a little elbow and wrist flexion, right deltoid muscle contraction more effective. When the dumbbells to the sides filed at the same time so that the wrist upward turn until slightly more than the thumb, until brought to the highest position. Dumbbell fall, the wrist and then back. 3 to 5 groups.

"Former flat cite" using dumbbells or a barbell

A. Exercise key areas: the upper chest and deltoid toe. B. Start location, natural standing, two hands holding each holding sub-bell or barbell hang down in the leg before. C. Action process: to move the top of the lift dumbbells or a barbell (elbows slightly bent), until parallel with the eye height. Then, slowly down to restore, repeat do. D. Training points: If you use dumbbells, use a boxing eyes forward, holding the bell in front of body move. This approach is focused on training alone Deltoid toe. 3-5 group.


A. Key training areas: the shoulder-side trapezius, cervical muscle, and upper back muscles. B. Start Position: natural standing, two back of the hand forward, holding barbell or dumbbells, drooping before the legs. C. Action Process: shoulders arched upward at the same time, so try to hit acromion ears, and then in the vertex position and slowly turn back to shoulders, then slowly go down the arms hang down from the post-in situ . Repeat to do. In the process of shrugging, do not toggle. D: Training key points: If you make the wrist slightly bent, and make two Zhoujian turn out that this contraction of trapezius on the shoulder side effects of a more cost-effective. 3-5 Group -

A. focus on neck squat exercise position: This is one of the best training movements, because of its body large muscle groups as a whole. Squat movement is mainly exercise thigh muscles, the gluteus maximus, hamstrings and lower back muscles, but also be able to exercise the abdomen, upper back, leg and shoulder. B. Start Position: neck to place the barbell on his shoulders, his hands holding the two ends of bars, so that both sides of the balance of the bar center of gravity. Feet separation distance of about 15-20 inches, toes slightly out separately. C. Action Process: two always look to the front. And then enable knees slowly flexion, squatting up to a full squat position. Squat and played in the whole process of power, so that the trunk upright, keeping the back straight, head slightly raised (always look at the point). When the thigh when standing over the horizontal position, that is slowly stretched to the back to the original location. Flat feet is always stepping on the ground. D: Training key points: If you make the ankle or heel to relax away from the ground, you will find the process difficult to grasp the full squat body center of gravity balance. You can make two feet standing on 2 × 4 inch skids up group training

2-4 -

Leg Ju

A. Exercise key parts: it is the single best way to exercise biceps femoris. B. Start position: lying prone in the extensor frame stools, so that the knee just withstood stool side, legs straight so that care pad in the heel close to the lower edge of the stick. Two-handed grip on both sides of front-end stool. C. Action process: focusing on the contraction of biceps femoris force bent upward so that leg to completely tighten the biceps femoris to keep quiet on a number silent l, 2. Then, slowly return to the starting point Xunyuan Lu. Repeat to do. D. Training Points: You can sit stretch out machine, with one leg alone, they also can make his legs back Bengzhi to practice, but also can be turned in or turned inward heel training. 3-5 Group -

shear span

A. Exercise key areas: the gluteus maximus, hamstrings and quadriceps. B. Start Position: feet side by side, the weights placed on the shoulders behind the neck (or the shame dumbbell with both hands). First to make a big step forward in the right foot. Then, slowly squat down, right knee flexion, straight left leg slightly sinking. C. Action process: When squatting to the lowest position, and then make up straight legs at the same time, left foot forward back to the right foot $ & * Long side by side. Then, to make a big step forward in his left leg squat. Repeat to do. D. Training points; if you stand up to three-quarters or squatting there for a short distance to the soon-straight, the main force is quadriceps contraction. This action also can be used for in-situ shear squat,The left and right foot alternately practicing. Group 3 to Group 5 -

resting leg sit-ups

A. Exercise key areas: the upper abdomen area. B. Start Position: Sit on the ground, the legs resting on the bench in parallel, so that the thigh is perpendicular to the ground, his hands could pay $ & * in the chest, or hold his hands cross each other on the back of the neck. C. Action process: slowly so that shoulders to the knees bent, swollen shoulder bone from the ground up to 1

2, when the British to keep still for a second. Then, return to the starting position. Repeat to do. D. Training points: When the pike contraction, in order to better enable abdominal muscles contract, causing lower back close to the ground. The introduction of weight training courses in the initial stage, the completion of each quote, we should avoid using dancing, playing the leveraging action. 3-5 Group

start flinching sitting position while sitting on stool, his hands back stays in the stool. Method of Direct legs forward. Action process shrink from the calves, knees, the highest possible point. Rectus abdominis muscle contraction and complete a second, then slowly landing leg until it is completely straight. Breathing method of reduction when the suction from a calf, landing breath.

Note that the main points of this a little more easy, and its role in the knee on the size of the whole to mention the speed of the high and low and movements. The more slowly the higher the greater the smaller the contrary. Group 3 to Group 6 -

a week - 3 times exercise - should be able to exercise a muscle to the body - Select - every muscle in exercise is like a 2 - for example - Barbell supine elected, sitting bent clip chest. Sit back rest, overlooking the legislative arm flexion and extension. Anterior sitting down. Sitting neck down. Resting leg sit-ups. Neck squat. Such co-ordination -

to have one - the strengthening of local muscle stimulation training - a single muscle group exercise - do like 3-4 kinds of - the number is about double the usual - (No. 2 times intensive training to 72 hours later)

a week to have a rather relaxed muscles - exercise for each muscle just like an action - and the number of control less.

There is a - the number of peacetime exercises - a group of control in their own time to do the maximum number of half to two thirds or so -

diet you had better be - but it is recommended in the muscle intensive training before or after - the best point of a large number of additional proteins -

If you have less time to exercise, then these actions can be considered to reduce exercise ---

hope my answer can help you - after all, is not a one to one to teach - I can only say that your situation is a general understanding of -
King King 8882010-02-09 17:23:32 +0000 #3
Early: Running 30 minutes, skipping 10 minutes (reduce fat) 100 push-ups (chest)

in: sit-ups 200 (ventral) music arm dumbbell 100 (humerus 2) Dumbbell head flexion-extension 50 (humerus 3)

night: push-ups 100 (Chest) Dumbbell Lateral Raise 100 (shoulder) hand squat 100 (leg)

I wish you an early Nerishige



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