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TIAN54291182010-02-09 18:02:17 +0000 #1
I am a 20-year-old university student, is a sports enthusiast. Muscle pretty strong! However, pears are tall! However, there is no equipment around! School-to-there is a playground and a single parallel bars! Has always been envious of those plump, muscular symmetry. I also have a small waist on both sides of Ao meat! Special to seek your professional situation for me based on my long-term no equipment to develop a fitness program! The more professional the better! I am willing to spend a lot of time up, I am able to endure hardship, in order that the perfect body, I will strive to adhere to! So, Thank you for coaching! You coach a waste of time to seek some help is not a condition of health of people wanted! I say thank-you everyone!
w5770552010-02-09 18:08:42 +0000 #2
muscle size, the only way that high-intensity exercise, (note that do not hurt as long as the bones) In fact, the muscles of the legs is difficult to practice, I suggest that you first training upper body muscles, especially the triangle muscle, pectoral, brachial two, triceps, and latissimus dorsi and abdominal muscles

no equipment is actually a very good training, and selected two projects to training, parallel bars, horizontal bar, parallel bars, training

abdominal muscles, and the deltoid, the most be effective, and sit-ups, like the above only in the parallel bars to practice an even stronger support

support sagging re-training deltoid, professional how to say I am not sure

the horizontal bar to do pull-ups, are grip, anti-grip, two ways

in detail without further ado I had,

himself out in a schedule, practicing every day what to practice every week what every month to practice what is,

is doing a good job after the project account for you is that no matter what you do the project practice, should be grouped according to practice, each group used to do your own look at the 80% to 90% of the physical, each project at least five groups each, while strengthening the energy intake, eat more beef, lamb , beans, in order to provide the necessary muscle growth, nutrients,
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