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Exercise how to make a calf thinner! Boys

kobeseek2010-02-09 21:01:34 +0000 #1
likes to play basketball in the summer wearing shorts, a small calf is too coarse-grade, and how exercise can lower leg thinner!
gfnaany2010-02-09 21:16:17 +0000 #2
1. Dunqi holding kettlebells training

Practice Method: hands holding kettlebells in front of body, legs open and the shoulder width, knees, squat and kick jump to do exercises. As repeatedly practicing.

Practicing arms should be straight, not bent. Can also stand on the steps, kettle bell exercises on the steps below. To improve quadriceps strength and jumping ability.

2. Foot hook kettlebells Leg Curl

practitioners sit on a high stool or steps, one foot hooked a leg flexion and extension exercises kettlebells do. As repeatedly practicing. Point when the upper body exercises to be honest. The increased role of quadriceps strength.

3. Mabuchi weight training

Exercise clothes to wear to do Bu Sha static exercise, the time gradually by a short extension, it can be done Bu Chong Quan, you can also practice standing on the bricks. Points of upper body should be straight, the first to be positive. The increased role of quadriceps strength.

4. Loading back legs, face down on the training

Exercise or goats on the bench with both hands grasp the ribs of wood, leg bring sandbags. Then, straight legs and back legs up 4). As repeatedly practicing.

Do not bend the knee points of practicing. The increased role of the gluteus maximus strength.

5. Negative was bent leg

Exercise prone on a mat, a small sandbag leg tie. Then, do squat exercises 5. As repeatedly practicing.

Points of practice will not move when the upper body.

The role of increased biceps femoris, semimembranosus, semitendinosus, gastrocnemius force.

6. Dunqi weight-bearing leg resistance training

Exercise neck barbell or other weight, feet shoulder width opening. Then, one leg straight and the other after the Tui Quxi full squat stand up, alternating legs Exercise 6)

elements of a single one of his feet touch the ground when you squat, chest Zhi Yao.

Role in improving the strength of leg extensors and hip, ankle flexibility.

7. Peacetime Hing Wah Street West to walk away

8 feet. Do leapfrog

9. More long-distance running.

Above all to not pass the secret, the effect super-good.

Transfer from [the strong are the enemy]
popianor2010-02-09 21:17:46 +0000 #3
lower leg and thigh related to the thickness, you want to stovepipe, it is better and exercise more and leg muscles, that there will not care about the thickness
Samurai Sword Master2010-02-09 21:18:24 +0000 #4
calf: Step 1: Pine dozen strong Xiangshou calf calf

In fact, we should first check your leg muscles are relaxed or tense. If muscle tension, then it's more difficult to thin. Therefore, the decrease of the first leg plan to loose by playing solid fat calves start.

Method 1

normal time will be sitting on the ground, will raise one leg at right angles to beat a fist leg, do five minutes on each side.

Method 2

When the holidays, the market may wish to use bath salts into the tub and let the leg soak time, you can muscle relaxation. Bath after the leg to beat but also in action, to accelerate blood circulation.

Step 2: Enhancing Carbohydrate Movement

When the calf started to tighten the soft down (or born calf relaxation), the next round of work to lose weight is to enhance the Reducer to tighten the effects of exercise a day can be done to close shape.

Sports (1)

1. Feet from the front-end in high platform, feet pressed down as far as possible.

2. And then forced up a calf Hing Wah Street West, the order to improve the whole person.

Repeat this action rhythmically, making 20-30 times as much as possible energetically Hing Wah Street West, the under pressure, do a little bit sore better. Can be a hand on the supportive structures that help to maintain balance.

Sports (2)

1. Lying on the ground, legs straight up and the body was 90 degrees, to a long-shaped towel across the feet, hands stretch out your toes high Hing Wah Street West.

2. Two-handed force will be towel depressed, soles also depressed to keep hands and feet straight.

Repeat this movement 40 times, will be able to tighten the calf, so that the line is more slender.

Step 3: Finally sprint stovepipe things

entered the final stage, of course, to speed up the slimming effect, we may buy some stovepipe paste, stovepipe supplies Bang Bang hand, I can stovepipe's more moisture, which make legs Yan-ray 4 Radio啦!

In addition to diet to edema, massage, the proper eating habits can also create legs.

1. Vitamin E helps to remove edema

blood circulation is not good, it is easy to cause leg swelling, containing vitamin E foods, can help accelerate the blood circulation, prevention of leg muscle relaxation and so on. Foods rich in vitamin E include almonds, peanuts, wheat germ and so on.

2. Vitamin B

group to accelerate the metabolism of vitamin B1 can be sugar into energy, while the B2, you can speed up the fat metabolism, eat more vitamin B-rich foods, such as mushrooms, sesame, tofu, peanuts, spinach and so on.

3. Eat less salt and fluid retention

regularly eat salty foods, will easily lead to excessive accumulation of body water, forming edema, easy to accumulate in the thighs. In addition to diet to reduce the absorption of salt, but also to eat foods containing potassium, because potassium helps expel excess salt, potassium foods include tomatoes, bananas, potatoes, celery and so on.

Should be said that only a few muscle-type MM, but it must not be ignored. When working at the gym, occasionally we will encounter a muscular MM, they tend to be more than the average fat MM inferiority complex, often paid a twelve effort to keep up is not slim, just the opposite, but more "robust," it is muscular woman in the end I will not speak on how the aesthetic is like the concept, at least in our Chinese ordinary people is unacceptable, if a girl is very strong, or Hubeixiongyao, it certainly is not a compliment.

The most common phenomenon is that there are a lot of women, not the body is muscular, but rather concentrated in a certain area, the most prominent of these was the legs, and there are major differences in upper body, which in the bodybuilding community is absolutely is a problem, do not say that cutting the muscles, and even less fat on them is a very difficult process and challenges, we must be aware that not everyone will come to the fitness weight loss fitness girl regarded as a hobby with their have only one objective, that is to lose weight.

For the less muscle, there are several theories. First, balance the training method, which is now more popular argument is to strengthen the upper body exercise, so that the upper and lower co-ordination, I personally think that this approach has its feasible, it does not necessarily work, because in fact most of the leg well-developed muscle girls, they prefer to maintain the status quo, do not want to get stronger upper body is as follows. Pull a long offset their weaknesses, weaknesses that depends on how the overall effect after.

Second, strength training, circuit training method using gap, and some worry that strength training will make girls strong legs become more thick, because strength training is muscle training, muscular strength training the legs further, may stimulate the muscles but let more robust. Gap loop training method is to exercise part of the need to arrange some appropriate action, these actions according to a certain order of arrangement, will not grouped, using circuit training, can be divided into 1-3 or more depending on the circumstances of the cycle, each cycle of Inter-set rest periods, usually 1-3 minutes to use light-weight multi-frequency. The training's primary role is reduced in the muscle fiber surface and excess fat, to achieve the purpose of reducing the latitude.

The third is that aerobic training, aerobic training should be said that the most important training is the most fundamental means of, whether it is cut or reduced fat, muscle, however, reduce muscle and reduce fat, aerobic training, what should be different. Aerobic exercise reduced fat in general, are required in the low-intensity, duration 30 - 60 minutes of exercise. The reduced muscular legs of aerobic exercise should also be emphasized that, as far as possible not do bounce of aerobic exercise, and the duration should be longer, concrete should be based on individual circumstances to arrange and gradual manner.

Long-distance runners are basically relatively thin, and this is because they have a long period of ultra-long aerobic exercise, we do not learn from long-distance runners training in prevention, so the method to be less muscular, ultra-long period of aerobic exercise This is the best way

4 is eating problems, the general focus on bodybuilding and fitness trainers are protein intake, either by muscle or lose weight, because apart from the composition of muscle water, most of them are proteins. Then, muscle by muscle-type girls when there is proper to reduce the intake of protein, so that their muscles consume faster to achieve the aim? This issue to be considered

thigh: Leapfrog can make thinner thighs, but very tiring to be persistent practice ah (our coaches teach) Note: Be sure to place hands behind the thighs exert oneself



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