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Is the master of the past

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Multiple Choice:

1. The Internet to provide information the way:

A. WWW Service B. E-mail Service C. FTP Service

D. BBS E. Newsgroups F. Instant messaging, point to point transmission, blog, etc.

2. Commonly used way is to access the Internet:

A. LAN connected B. Telephone dial-up connection C. Keyboard access to D. The mouse access to

3. Use Outlook to a friend E-mail issued, the following error statement is:

A. Must fill in the recipient's e-mail address

B. Enter e-mail content, must be access to the Internet

C. Time to send operations can only be sent to a recipient

D. Subject of the message can be omitted to write

4. The computer network functions, correct to say that:

A. Can achieve data transmission

B. To achieve resource sharing

C. Easily distributed processing

D. Able to enhance the reliability and availability of information 5. On the Internet, the right to say that:

A. The Internet is a TCP / IP as the communication protocol, to connect various countries, various departments and agencies of computer networks data communication networks

B. The Internet is a set of various fields and disciplines, integrating the various information resources for online users to share data resource network

C. The Internet does not belong to any organization, group or individual, it belongs to all users of the web

D. On the Internet can make any comments

6. Computer network security include:

A. Hardware Safety Equipment

B. Operating System Security

C. Data Information Security

D. Network Operations Security

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