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15-year-old boy fitness program. .

ahqwa2010-02-09 22:01:52 +0000 #1
I am 15 years old, 181CM, 65kg.

Hope to strengthen my body at least much higher than their peers. . . . .

Home, there are two 11KG dumbbell ask about. . . .

Urgent. . . . .
Time goes by2010-02-09 22:11:39 +0000 #2
15 the age weight-bearing exercise is best not to do too much, otherwise it will lead to skeletal dysplasia, Here is my suggestion

main practice push-ups and sit-ups (upper body)

Dunqi and toes (lower body)

the first day of training the upper body, lower body the next day to practice, so practice the turn of the bar. Give the body a reply time.

Push-ups, a group can do a number on doing a few, and then cook several groups (starting a day can keep 60 on the line, and over time the growth, strength increase, you can long to one day 100.)

and then sit-ups, a group of 25 or so and then make four groups, a total of 100.

legs: First Dunqi, a group of 50 (see individual capacity) and then do 2.3 Group

After the stretching, relax the leg muscles. (This is very important, in order to avoid muscle stiffness)

Then toes, that is, toe pad, preferably before the soles of his feet standing on a step on the toes point repeatedly to exercise leg muscles.

Have time, I suggest two campaigns. Basketball, swimming. Contribute to physical bone development and muscle plastic. . To do preparatory work before exercise is also very important. The activities of the wrist, ankle. Stretching, Twister. To prevent muscle strain.

Usually drink milk to supplement the protein, pay attention to rest. Adhere to regular exercise.

Here some information to the LZ Kanxia it:

is still young, the body is very important, from today onwards fitness.

Heavy weight, low-frequency: body theory, using a load of RM that can do the maximum consecutive repetitions. For example, practitioners of a weight can only be raised five times straight, then the weight is 5RM. Studies have shown that: 1 - 5RM load of training can muscle thickening, developing strength and speed; 6-10RM load of training, can thick muscle, strength speed, but endurance increase is not obvious; 10-15RM load of training, muscle fiber thickening is not obvious, but the strength, speed, endurance were Chang-Jin; 30RM load of training, muscle capillaries increased endurance increase, but the strength, speed is not obvious. Can be seen ,5-10RM load weight increases muscle size for bodybuilding training. 2. Groups of a few: when I wanted them to be tempered, they cook 2 to 3 groups, this is actually a waste of time simply can not long muscles. Must be specifically drawn 60 to 90 minutes of time to concentrate on a certain part of exercise, every movement have done 8 to 10 group, in order to fully stimulate the muscles, while muscles need recovery time longer. Muscle saturation has been achieved so far, "Saturation" to self-feelings, its appropriate criteria are: acid, swelling, tingling, solid, full, expansion, and muscle shape marked on the sturdy and so on.

3. Long Displacement: Whether rowing, bench press, elected, curl, we must first of all dumbbells to put as low as possible in order to fully stretch the muscles, to cite was as high as possible. This is one with the "continuous tension" sometimes contradictory, the solution is quick through the "lock" state. However, I do not deny that big half the weight of the role of the movement.

4. Slow speed: slowly lifted, slowly down, the deeper muscle stimulation. In particular, when laying a dumbbell, you should control your speed, do yield of practice to fully stimulate the muscles. Many people ignore the compromise nature of exercises, the dumbbell lifting even the completion of the task, and soon to lay down a waste of good time to increase muscle.

5. High Density: "density" refers to the rest time between the two groups, only 1 minute or less rest time, known as high density. For the rapid increase in muscle mass, we should little rest, frequently stimulate the muscles. "Multi-group number" is also based on the "high density" based on. Exercise, we should like to fight the same rapt attention in training and not think about anything else.

6. Read action consistent: is affected by muscle innervation, attention focused on the density will be able to mobilize more muscle fibers to work. When practicing a particular movement, they should be conscious so that ideas and actions into line, that is what is wanted to practice what the muscles work. For example: training vertical curl, it is necessary to bow their heads with their own eyes, watching his arms to see biceps slowly shrinking.

7. Peak contraction: This is to make muscles was trained in one of the main rule is very clear. It requires an action to do when the muscle contraction of the most intense position, to maintain what the state of such a contraction in the most tense, do static nature of practice, and then slowly return to the beginning of action. My method is the most intense feeling of muscle, the number 1

6, and put down.

8. Continuous tense: to be maintained throughout a group of continuing tension in muscles, both in action at the beginning or the end, do not let it loose (not in a "locked" state), is always to achieve complete exhaustion.

9. Relaxation between the two groups: each group of actions should be done a stretch to relax. This can increase blood flow to the muscles, but also help to remove the waste deposited in the muscles and speed up muscle recovery, rapid nutritional supplements.

10. Multi-train large muscle groups: multiple training chest, back, waist, legs big muscle groups, not only make the body strong, but also can promote the growth of other parts of the muscle. In order to arm and train some people thick, just practicing and not practicing in other parts of the arm, but will slow the growth of the biceps. I suggest you make arrangements with large weight of the large compound action exercises, such as large weight squat exercises, they can promote the growth of all the other parts of the muscle. This is extremely important, sadly, there are at least 90% of people do not have enough attention, so can not achieve the desired effect. Thus, in the training schemes and the arrangements to be more dead lift, squat, bench press, elected, pull-up these five classic compound action.

11. Consumption of protein after training: The training of 30 to 90 minutes, the protein reached the peak demand period, this time to add protein the best results. But do not eat immediately end the training at least every other 20 minutes.

12. Rest for 48 hours: Local muscle training, need a break after the first 48

72 hours before performing the second train. If the high-intensity strength training, then the local muscle training in the interval between the two 72-hour is not enough, especially the large muscle mass. However, an exception abdominal muscles, abdominal muscles is different from other muscles, you must always stimulate them every week to practice at least four times, each time for about 15 minutes; selected three pairs of the most effective exercises you only did three groups, each of Groups of 20-25 times, all to do exhaustive; each time interval should be short, no more than 1 minute.

13. Ning Light Do not leave: This is not a secret a secret. Many beginners bodybuilding special attention to those who practice weight and movement frequency, less attention to whether the action deformation. The effect of fitness training, not only depends on the load weight and movement frequency, but also by the practice is directly affected by the muscle force and stimulated levels. If the deformation or movement is not in place, to train the muscles do not or only part of the force, training effect is not large, and even out the bias. In fact, all of the rules, the action is always the correctness of the first importance. Prefer to compare with the correct action lifting light weight, do not use non-standard moves lift heavier weight. Do comparisons with others, they should not be a mockery of the gym at heart.

Full-body ministries muscles

1) Neck - cervical muscle: single-hand lateral neck flexion and neck flexion and head pressure with both hands pressed metal plates neck flexion and extension

2) shoulder - anterior deltoid muscle deltoid pre-ping Ju

Central Lateral Raise Side Flat pull

Deltoid Lateral Raise the rear bent upright elected

3) give the supine chest pectoralis move decumbens decumbens held under the birds sit on the horizontal arms pull

4) arm flexion and extension arm triceps arm bent arm horizontal arm flexion and extension arm flexion and extension after the lift arm chest press club two crook of the arm flexion and extension

arm biceps curl squat give arm curl arms ramp changes in action

previous wrist curl


back, upper back (trapezius) Vertical shrug upright in the back row

(latissimus dorsi) pull-up sit-down hanging rod bent over rowing and rowing grip changes in action

lower back

(sacral spine muscle) weight-bearing straight leg dead lift bend release souls from purgatory to come forward

6) abdominal waist rectus abdominis supine supine leg lift leg from upper body hanging bar knees, rolled up flinching flinching Sitting

7) leg After the Ministry of quadriceps leg squat squat give pre-Seated Leg Vertical biceps femoris flexion and extension

Leg Prone Leg cite cite

calf muscle group standing toes donkey-style muscle exercise interval put

Do not more than three days fitness if the "three days fishing, two days drying Network", the effect will be greatly reduced, especially in practicing muscle, but also to be strictly fitness frequency.

To exercise when the muscles need rest, but time can not be too long. Muscles to consume large amounts of nutrients, exercise after proper rest, muscles the nutrients they quickly added, and the amount of supplement consumed than are even more in the physiology of this phenomenon is called " over-recovery. " "Over-restore" so the muscles get more nutrients, the more the more advanced training. If you do not give the muscles enough time to add nutrients, muscles can not be longer than the original robust. Some studies believe that this break in order to have the last exercise capacity of the muscles once again as the standard calculation, it normally takes 2-3 days.

2-3 days later, without the exercise stimulus, the former for some time their effect will gradually subside. This is because muscle is composed by a variety of proteins, protein composition of these muscles in a constant drain on the material is constantly added that the dynamic changes. To add much more muscle would be increased; consume much more, muscles will weaken.

If you do not timely exercise, the lack of growth factors that stimulate the muscles, while the other hand, the material composition of the muscles again in constant consumption, exercise, people will naturally find that the "exercise effect was not obvious," "muscle mass rather than the previous small - , "and" there is no arm strength, "and" there is no prior hard muscles "such as. This is why exercise can not be "three days fishing, two days drying network" reasons.

In order to avoid this happening, at the gym coaches ask participants to adhere to exercise, and for the students to develop scientific muscle exercise frequency (ie, the frequency of exercise per week). The most appropriate exercise frequency should be the effect of previous exercise has not yet gone before the second exercise. In this way, the effect of the gradual accumulation of each exercise, they can achieve greater physical strength, increase muscle, improve health.

To achieve the best training effect, the body of at least one weeks training for each part 2 times, each time to do four kinds of exercises for each part to the abolition of fear of white? Group.

If you break due to special circumstances for some time, do not be discouraged, and exercise will certainly have much to gain. Recovery exercise, the exercise frequency should be small, three times per week, 15-30 minutes for each benefit. Later, with the physical recovery, exercise 3-5 times a week, every 30-50 minutes.

Is still young, the body is very important, from today onwards fitness.
a grazing Mu2010-02-09 22:40:46 +0000 #3



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