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Regular exercise is still very fat

ganlanyiyu2010-02-09 23:01:30 +0000 #1
I am a student every day sitting in the school to learn, but the time between classes, I always movement, ran it more than 1000 meters, and I rarely eat, not eat sweets, but also do not like to eat snacks, and I was learning martial arts, often to do some real exercise, lifting heavy dumbbells, one of the meat is crunchy. But I look is still very fat, I have a meter 6, weight 49KG, I have the skeleton of a great, most of the time sitting in the classroom, and because of pressure to learn, I always later than other people a lot of time to sleep at night to learn 12:00, and this is my basic lifestyle. I do not know what the reasons are always thin in the end is not down? My friends say I look very strong, you can tell me why I was especially thick look angle and the arm, I want to be reduced before that body weight, 84 pounds possible? If so, you can tell me what way?
87,648,7682010-02-09 23:06:53 +0000 #2
Yes, every morning to eat, not too many, but to eat. (Because the morning meal at noon to eat more without gaining weight will be, to say the morning without eating the body is not good, our objective is not to abuse themselves in order to lose weight, you said yes Louzhu.) Daily to ensure that a certain amount of movement. Remember, we must insist that this be based on your amount of exercise to a certain period of time will be able to cut down. I hope that my answer right Louzhu be useful.
Right foot had been broken2010-02-09 23:23:12 +0000 #3
eat-point, multi-movement patterns of life to be normal, eating with a scientific
Happy Fragrance2010-02-10 00:12:40 +0000 #4
recommended running before a drink of tea 【tea, not drinking water】, then the amount of extra points, like the exercise .



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