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The need for a physical exercise program

No Ming Chul2010-02-09 23:01:44 +0000 #1
I am 185 tall, weight 150, still in high school and want to enhance their own physical fitness program will be up

with the school holidays when the time

I hope all-round physical fitness improve, the most Good can not go the gym like the (home in the remote town, no gym-like facilities)

content need to include heart and lung function, muscle shaping, body Flexibility, etc.,
qd8141372010-02-09 23:16:22 +0000 #2
a good stature do --- there is no dumbbell-like - yes, I will give Web sites a muscle training explanation of the above - I can do little to play a lot of words -

If not - I say a little say several actions -

push-ups. Sit-ups all know that I will not say it - push-ups and sit-ups - in a moment when I said that plans are 3-5 Group - is to go to school during the period - holiday double - the following action is -

Sit back rest

A. Key training areas: the biceps, pectoralis major, deltoid and teres major muscle and so on. B. Start Location: body supine, hands slightly behind the stays in the stool, the feet on the lower bench on the other parts of the body floating. C. Action Process: breath, shoulders relaxed, arms slowly elbow flexion, the body sink as far as possible (in particular, Shen hip), pause 2-3 seconds, then inhale, stretch his arms propped forced to restore the body. Repeat to do. D. Training points: arm flexion and extension when the medium-speed stability, the body should be straight, elbows to arms inside the folder. Raise the height or weight-bearing foot can be difficult to improve training and increase load stimulus. 3-5 a number of groups should be - one can do the largest number of two thirds - later do not explain -.

É leg sit-ups

A. Exercise key areas: the upper abdomen area. B. Start Position: Sit on the ground, the legs resting on the bench in parallel, so that the thigh is perpendicular to the ground, his hands could pay $ & * in the chest, or hold his hands cross each other on the back of the neck. C. Action process: slowly so that shoulders to the knees bent, swollen shoulder bone from the ground up to 1

2, when the British to keep still for a second. Then, return to the starting position. Repeat to do. D. Training points: When the pike contraction, in order to better enable abdominal muscles contract, causing lower back close to the ground. The introduction of weight training courses in the initial stage, the completion of each quote, we should avoid using dancing, playing the leveraging action. 3-5 Group

start flinching sitting position while sitting on stool, his hands back stays in the stool. Method of Direct legs forward. Action process shrink from the calves, knees, the highest possible point. Rectus abdominis muscle contraction and complete a second, then slowly landing leg until it is completely straight. Breathing method of reduction when the suction from a calf, landing breath.

Note that the main points of this a little more easy, and its role in the knee on the size of the whole to mention the speed of the high and low and movements. The more slowly the higher the greater the smaller the contrary.

3-5 weeks a group of jogging - activities to the joint after jogging - 1000 Mi press ligament which is the standard warm-up - push-ups - sit-stays are 3-5 after the group -

Week 2 Jogging - warm-up -- -. Recoil flinching style - sit-ups - 3-4 Group -

3 weeks rest - like jogging warm-up under the -

4 more weeks to run fast 1500 - (vacation time to doubling time physical can be considered adequate if 5000)

push-up 3-5 Group - a high leg lift - 40 1 Group - 30 seconds to finish - Rest 30 seconds to do the next set - to do 3-5 Group -

push-up classes is to rest a minute -.

Week 5 - Jogging 400 - varied pace 100 meters speed three times - to run 100 meters Rest 2 minutes - run 4 - sit-ups -
, or resting leg sit-ups. Push-ups group Group 5 -8 -

6 weeks rest -

Sunday - Jogging 800 - push-up Group 3 - Sit back rest 3 groups -

holiday doubling the amount of training time, and then add the appropriate Great - but the rest still have to rest when -
zyf0010242010-02-09 23:10:56 +0000 #3
every morning to run a lap at turn 500 Hula Hoop
q86620682010-02-10 00:03:54 +0000 #4
every morning laps, jumping aerobics



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