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A simple method of physical exercise

1 Blue Season2010-02-09 23:02:22 +0000 #1
Is there any simple way to exercise? ? ? High School because I will now read, study time quite tight, and now the body not up to much ah, so would like to ask you what you can see the exercise at home, but effective ways to look at? ? ?
C_R_9_2010-02-09 23:10:35 +0000 #2
coordination of the training prescription

co-ordinated the arrangements for the training prescription, because it is a kind of intensive training, so in mid-term preparation and the avenue for sharpening must lay a solid foundation, in tune

the whole period with competition period there will be no specific co-ordination of training. Training Strong

° 70% of the frequency of three times a week is as follows:

1. Vertical Jump 2. 3 before and after the jump. Side jump 4. Square dancing 5. Shift

jump 6. Jump turned 7. Lateral cross-Step 8. Reverse hands and feet movements

9. stop squatting stays in

coordination training is to require speed and time and motion to complete the tie.

Coordination and toughness training, agility training, carrying out the process, pay attention to the quality of combining flexibility and coordination exercises. Because tennis is the upper and lower limbs at the same time the movement of a project to complete a variety of hitting the coordination of body movements needed to meet the good or bad will directly affect the ball movement and quality.

Flexibility refers to the quality of the human body joints muscles, tendons, ligaments and other soft tissue stretching ability. Coordination of the training tennis players, in addition to its own conditions, may cause a variety of instruments, body * and a variety of exercises done ligament growth, focusing on the shoulder, knee waist abdomen.

Commonly used training method: Shoulder circling, anti-pull-shoulder, side pull shoulder, running posture pressure shoulders, hands Huwo raise one's arm, body flexion, body retroflexion, lunge stretching, side stretching, waist circling , waist flexion and extension, the road between the positive side, after the kick, the former kick crotch clap, longitudinal劈腿, all kinds of rope skipping, swimming activities.

Flexible quality of training in the basic requirements:

1. Control the quality of the development of the optimal level of flexibility in order to complete the technical requirements for limited tennis without having reached the maximum level;

2. Deal with the quality of flexibility and power quality relationship, emphasizing the flexibility of the muscles to maintain muscle contraction force;

3. implement the principle of gradual and orderly progress, and coordinate the strength of tensile strength, repetition, practice time, and other relevant factors, the relationship can not be too much force;

4. the use of the initiative Flexibility training and flexibility training in a passive index difference of detection;

5. flexibility training must be persistent, often carried out;

6. attention to flexibility and temperature, time and fatigue relationship.
p76116082010-02-09 23:49:34 +0000 #3
can do sit-ups or push-ups the next (though tempered with the need for perseverance in time), I hope you succeed



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