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Minor X-legs go to the gym can be rectified by Mody

lzxlffssp32010-02-10 00:02:21 +0000 #1
I am a little mild X-type legs, legs, feet close together and basically do not see them, are walking very difficult to see, knee puts inside Shui. Please go to the gym where the equipment with a coach training can practice over Yao? Be effective Mody? Please know that under ah, thank you

I am now the gym to lose weight, but also invited a coach within the thigh muscles tower said to be caused by too loose, but also to practice over, if it is true? Good answers are extra points Yo
wutanglvcha2010-02-10 00:08:00 +0000 #2
You can wait until 16-year-old can certainly, as long as you work hard, be able to endure hardship, to meet the coaches
xuecheng12192010-02-10 00:20:12 +0000 #3
can ah! As long as willing to endure hardship, this minor defects, small CASE! ! !
Large Mega oil2010-02-10 01:02:36 +0000 #4
certainly can. . This is nothing difficult. .

I wish you success brother ^ _ ^
I'm hungry occasionally2010-02-10 00:21:22 +0000 #5
aware of their deficiencies, and can address and correct, it is already half way to success of the. Exercise is a successful auxiliary, it is important that the usual bit by bit in the self-focused attention, if every time you are able to focus, then you have what can not be a success?

Believe in yourself and you will be able to successfully

In addition to the gym, the usual attention to posture when walking in everyday life, there should be conscious to overcome the other and then go home at night by lying with the negative small-weight exercises thigh muscle control. Focus on the shape of each leg to go out.
I can run to the2010-02-10 01:37:18 +0000 #6
I used to have comrades in the armed forces is the X-type legs, finally given corrected by way of rope to the legs to help with the backpack up and insist on sleeping like a month, that is another point of people suffer. See your willpower a! ! ! !加油! ! !
Zhang Miscellaneous child2010-02-10 02:15:38 +0000 #7
see how old you are more than 20 positive Buxing Le
sonnyjs2010-02-10 02:29:41 +0000 #8
ai, in case I did not see you before I did not dare to conclude 16-year-old should be no problem, but still hope that you and a good coach chat, let coaches attracted enough attention to you, otherwise you could be delayed a little careless. You this effect at this age you should be there, slowly, under the premise of the right exercise, there will be quite difficult. I'm sure is not entirely inside of the thigh muscle relaxation causes no deformation of the bone joints fortunately, and I wish you good luck bar
benevolence doctor2010-02-10 04:09:06 +0000 #9
I ask how old?

Only through the surgical treatment



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