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Height practicing musculoskeletal give generous rewards to

himichi2010-02-10 01:01:03 +0000 #1
would like to ask since the muscle to rest for 48 hours to practice it with a buffer height of the growth of practice time that is not the same as that I want to ah long high jump Mogao words every day, as practice for the better or the muscles After the rest, like practicing 1-2 days and then continue to practice? Skeletal muscle tension is not as needed as a buffer and growth? ?

At present, only 40 minutes ah can not reward after 40 minutes but the answer I returned to compensate for 10 points which has experience of friends to tell me
qd8141372010-02-10 01:15:58 +0000 #2
muscles and bones are not the same as -

muscle rest in general is - 2 days straight after the second order of magnitude of the exercise - a 24-hour break - in the strong magnitude of stimulation after exercise - rest for 72 hours -

and the bone required to do so - but preferably a week 2 times the amount of rest ---- or is the lightest of exercise -

is estimated that you are old do not - want to want to exercise the muscles tall tall ---

In fact, apart from playing basketball Mogao - there is a very a good way - when the basketball coach at the sports school frequently used methods -

is hanging horizontal bar - just hanging like - that can adequately mitigate the pressure on the spine - will help increase - one hanging 3 -- Group 5 - a total of 15-20 minutes away - like 2 times a week - and if the age is relatively small, then - 16 years of age - as long as two times a week is like muscles - and usually run the race -- -

If the 16-year-old to 19-year-old if such a stage - the muscles of exercise 3 times a week like a -

hope my answers help you ---- If you have questions you can come to me directly Contact Us
Lean li ah confused2010-02-10 01:07:33 +0000 #3
want to grow any taller - in fact not the same as with the muscles - can be every day, after Mogao more nutritional supplements! ! ! !加油! ! !



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