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How do I exercise?

Woo hand injury2010-02-10 02:01:10 +0000 #1

baoqi1792010-02-10 02:07:57 +0000 #2
Man, I'll give you some of my strength training experience it, hope you can help on.

First of all diet, high protein, low fat, plenty of carbohydrates is essential. The following is a fitness diet plan for your reference:

Breakfast 8:00, yogurt or milk 250ml, amount of fruits and vegetables, a cup of oatmeal or 3 whole-wheat bread, eggs, 4 (co-existence eggs, two proteins)

snacks 10:00, two pieces of bread, orange juice and a cup of

Lunch 12:00, staple 150g, red meat 200g, vegetables, 200g, fruit and snacks amount

14:30, protein 2, a banana, milk, 200ml

Training 16: 00,

Dinner 6:00 p.m., the staple food 100g, white meat 200g, vegetables, 200g, fruit and moderate

high-protein foods such as tofu, milk, pork, beef, fish, eggs and so on. (Eating egg eating egg white when the proposal)

Second, the most important thing is strength training.

If we can go to the gym the best, because there has a professional fitness equipment and equipment. Practicing at home can also be, simply, an adjustable dumbbells, a bench press bench (preferably adjustable into the abdominal training boards), the body can be any part of the muscle reaches. Barbell optional, of course, there is the best.

Here I will briefly explain the training dumbbell movements.

Chest: dumbbell bench press, dumbbells, and birds of all four groups, push-ups

shoulders: Dumbbell Lateral Raise, train deltoid in the beam. After training, the birds deltoid dumbbell bent beam, this action does not require too much weight, this part of the small muscle groups.

Brachii Biceps: dumbbell curl Triceps: dumbbell-bent arm flexion and extension

Back: Dumbbell Row, the back is the big muscle groups, using a large weight.

Abdominal: training many ways, I feel that the use of abdominal board to do sit-ups more efficient. Abdominal training needs of high-frequency high-frequency, that is, there is time for training, do not have to do the same with the other muscle groups the next day of rest and recovery, to be sure the training takes a high frequency of

legs: This is part of the muscle with dumbbell training on the relatively simple , that is, Dunqi.

As for the number of each type of action the group gave different versions, some of the information speak to the high-set number, until no longer practice could not continue, but the vast majority of claims within or in the four groups. I was also in the training group of about 4-5. At 8-12 times the number of each group. Weight of 8-12RM

I use when the abdominal muscles abdominal training boards are usually 50 times / group to do five groups, sometimes the first group to do 100 times. Chest and shoulder movements 4-5 for each training group, the training of the shoulder without too much weight.

These are my own personal experience and experience in writing, may be more one-sided, but you still want help on. My QQ 65857711 we can continue the exchange of QQ
Wind Xiguang2010-02-10 02:45:10 +0000 #3
according to your own situation and the external conditions to select the sports your body can ah!
Phantom demon Purple2010-02-10 02:14:15 +0000 #4
normal healthy diet, more exercise, eat Do not eat 10 hours
zbling1842782010-02-10 03:43:50 +0000 #5
1.15:00-20:00 during jogging for 10 minutes

2. Take a deep breath four times a day to 3. Bedtime bubble into the hot water Foot
Ye Gucheng 52013142010-02-10 04:20:13 +0000 #6
at a time when getting up to do a few push-ups every day, increasing a few. . . The sun came out to the outdoor running running out of points, sweat and help blood circulation.



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