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Please people I reached the top fitness weight loss program bar. .

duncanxu212010-02-10 02:02:22 +0000 #1
I. . 186CM weight about 215 pounds bar. . Large belly. The thigh is also very thick. . Zhang has recently organized a fitness card. Would like to ask how they can be cut down. What to do the project. . Mainly trying to lose weight. First decreased and 20 kilograms. How can more quickly and effectively use the gym equipment to lose weight it. .

Weight loss is the first phase. . The second phase of trying to increase upper body strength. The kind used to play basketball inside. . How are you training where? What does the project? Online the other are more academic. Understand. . Thank you, hope there is receive adequate guidance. .
zhangfanlong882010-02-10 02:12:15 +0000 #2
I think you want an effective scheme to be good! I suggest that you exercise per week 4 to 5 times, each time training is not the same, the abdomen can be practiced every day! So be it, I will let you write such plans refer to the following!

1. Shoulder Bridge support

strengthen abdominal, back muscles, gluteal and hamstring muscles.

Supine, knees bent, feet hip width separately with both feet flat on the floor. Arm placed on both sides of the body. To tighten the gluteus and abdominal muscles, slowly lift hips off the ground until your knees, legs and shoulders in a straight line. To keep a few seconds and slowly relax the hip back to the ground. If you want to improve the degree of difficulty can be cross-arms on their chests.

2. Ju bell squat

Enhanced gluteus, hamstrings, trapezius and shoulder muscles.

Standing, feet shoulder width separately. The grip a dumbbell with both hands, bend elbows to bring dumbbell Zhijian ago. The body weight onto his heels, and then squatting, as if sitting in a chair, the thigh is almost parallel with the ground (keep no more than knee tip toes). At the same time, push the dumbbell to the top of the head on to keep elbows peg-leg. To relax, restore.

3. Scissors-lunge squat Leg

strengthen hamstrings and gluteus.

A. standing, feet separated shoulder width, arms akimbo. Step by step the right foot forward, heel first, the land, maintaining the knee and the ankle joint perpendicular. At the same time tilt the left heel, left knee down toward the ground, right thigh is almost parallel to the ground.

B. From this location starting right foot firmly placed in the right thigh lift, about parallel with the ground, his left leg firm to maintain a balance. If you feel too difficult to do so can be stood up again after and then do leg lift movement. The right leg down, the exchange side to repeat.

4. Push-twist

enhanced pectoral, abdominal, back shoulder muscles.

A. From the push-up position beginning stays hands and feet, the arms and shoulders perpendicular to the legs and buttocks, the back was a straight line (if the experience can be too difficult to support the knees fall). Contraction of abdominal, back not to subsidence, bending elbows, the body toward the floor under the pressure.

B. Picking up and turn to the right body, left lateral and medial right foot touch the ground in order to maintain a balance, right hand extended to the top of the head, and left shoulder in a straight line. Arms should be fully extended, the elbow will not bend. The right arm back into the ground, the exchange side to repeat.

5. Standing arm flexion and extension

to enhance boating access back muscles, trapezius and arms

A. standing with your feet hip-width separately. Knees, peg-leg, upper body bending forward, his left hand on the left thigh. Right hand grip dumbbells, right arm hanging to keep tightening the abdomen, back straight.

B. first dumbbell pull up, and then slowly extend the arms behind North Korea. Restore Xunyuan Lu-line returns. After the completion of a set of movements in exchange side to repeat.
℉ 4 ° ﹎ Zhaoゝ2010-02-10 02:16:58 +0000 #3
Tiaojie Wu, diet control, hyperactivity eating, focusing on upholding
xuwen05772010-02-10 02:37:32 +0000 #4
you want to reduce sugar, fat, protein intake coupled with a large number of sports consumption of large quantities of fat in your body as far as possible, or Aerobic exercise is necessary to meet the oh-based diet to less starch and sugar, ah touched people need 70% of the energy comes from the excess sugar into fat storage would be up

practicing muscle chest muscle, then

(the original language map: see reference links)

▼ supine posture


Start the muscles sit on the bench to the bar at the top of the nipple.

Action process to lift the bar to move vertically on the arms fully extended, chest complete contraction, still a second, slowly drop.


on the move when breathing, the whereabouts of breath.


Be careful not to point of resistance used by big too fast, the previous force to be smaller, and then gradually increased, in order to avoid neck strain. Do not let the neck of any spin. Decumbens on the move

head-start position on the bench decumbens 30-45 degrees, the two-handed grip barbell is placed on upper chest.

Action process

the barbell to move vertically on the arms fully extended, still a second, and slowly drop slowly to the in-situ.


on the move when breathing, still when the breath. The whereabouts of inhale slowly, fell in situ when the breath. Under the move

▼ decumbens decumbens starting position

head-down bench, his hands grip the bar is placed below the chest.

Action process

the barbell to move vertically on the arms fully extended, still a second, and slowly drop slowly to the in-situ.


on the move when breathing, still when the breath. The whereabouts of inhale slowly, fell in situ when the breath. Asuka

▼ supine exercise chest muscle of the action directly, can be used lie horizontally, on the decumbens, the next location decumbens.


supine position on a bench, two-handed fist heart contrast, holding dumbbells; Method of Direct arms up perpendicular to the ground, feet flat on the ground riding.

Action process on both sides of his hands to separate the whereabouts of elbows peg-leg, until the ending when you can not be lower. Still a second, so that pectoralis major fully extended, and then his arms from both sides up, round to the starting position.


arms opened when the suction, reply when you breath.


hands not to seize the main points. Sub-arm, the back muscles to tighten. Ideas focused on the contraction and stretch the pectoralis major muscle.

▼ horizontal straight-arm pull-up

the body muscle maps starting position

sit on a bench, his hands are grip dumbbells or barbells, arms Method of Direct, and parallel to the ground. Feet flat on the ground or stepping on a bench.

Action process

arms to maintain Ping Shen, dumbbells or a barbell will pull back up, and drop to the lowest possible point. Still a second, so that pectoralis major stretch as far as possible. Then, the contraction pectoralis major, the arms pull up, pull forward until the whereabouts of the leg-side starting position.


upward pull back when you inhale, upward forward reply when the breath.


post-tensioned elements, let his arms fully backward Method of Direct, the former pull, let his arms fully forward Method of Direct. The action may also shake hands, and a heavy dumbbell to do, because two hand away from the more narrow the weight concentrated in the central bar to the development of the human body depend on the center line of the edge of the pectoralis major part of a greater role.

Abdomen in abdominal muscle training, the body's most central, is particularly vulnerable to high-profile position. From the human body-building point of view, the true should be thin and fit and strong abdominal waist and abdominal muscles constitute a clear line. Therefore, please do not ignore the abdomen Bodybuilding.

1, sideways bending movement

upright. Legs spread apart and arms held about flat, upper body flexion, with enough left to his right foot, right arm naturally on the move, legs and arms are not bent, inhale, and then restore, breath. Repeat pulls direction, and even do 8 times.


supine position with bent knees in sports. Left arm posted flat ground, legs straight and knees at the same time after the initiation, suction, so that the thigh close to abdomen, then exhale slowly restored. Repeat 8 times.

3, leg raise exercise abdomen

mainly lower abdominal muscles. Upper body supine, legs straight and raise as much as possible, and then slow down again. Done this exercise, the knees bent to continue to do the same action. Repeat 8 times.

4, sitting flexion tuck

supine position primarily for training the upper and lower abdominal muscles. Legs straight and upper body backwards to maintain body balance, then knees, abdomen, so that extreme abdominal fold Qu. Exercise their feet can never touch the ground or bed.

5, "riding a bike" campaign in supine position.

Rotation flexion and extension of the legs, riding a bike to imitate the movement, action, fast and flexible, as far as possible large range of flexion and extension. Lasted for 20-30 seconds.

6, Twister and movement

a hand grip or pull some heavy weight for various positions of the Twister and turning exercises, in order to exercise external oblique and lower back muscles.

Or more sports, everybody can choose according to their own circumstances and, based on physical status of each exercise by a few up, and gradually increase to 2 times a day.

Well-developed muscle training for 15 law

1, France

The method combining static and dynamic power is to exercise and static exercise organic combination of static after the first move. Exercises to the limit that power do first and then fixed on the need to exercise parts of the static force on the angle of 6-8 seconds, can be practicing 2-4 group.

For example: static and dynamic combination of curl (hair Palace biceps) with 60-70% of the weight first, to do 6-8 times, then fixed to the upper arm and forearm, elbow joint angle of 90 degrees, persist in 6-8 seconds do 2-4 group.

2, restraint and compromise with France

with power exercises (restraint and contraction) re. Complex 5-6 times, then do not do them 2-3 times retreat work. This combination can be deeper muscle stimulation.

3, the first failure in France

this is the increase in muscle circumference diameter effective way. Its approach is. In order to develop the piece of fat, first select only developed a partial piece of muscle exercises to train the muscles to do 6-10 times until the fatigue, so that failure, and then within 3-5 seconds, and ran toward the other instruments, do a the development of a comprehensive piece of muscle-based exercise muscle groups, with 79% of the weight limit to do so around the turn of the training group of four muscles will feel a great stimulus. According to the research, this can be effective in stimulating muscle growth and promote its development. The following are examples.

With the first principle of well-developed pectoralis major failure of the method;

well-developed pectoralis major local effective exercise is sit-birds, while the well-developed pectoralis major muscle groups such as an integrated practice is the wide-grip bench press, its addition to the development pectoralis major, the also the development of triceps, deltoid, and serratus anterior muscles. If the birds and lying supine, held together to push the training, then the results will be better than simply practicing the same. The methods were: Athletes can only be held with the first 6-10 times the weight of the birds to do supine exercise, until the get up, followed by bench press went to a rack of pre-prepared with 60-70% by weight to do bench press, try to give times, until the count to get up a group, a total of four groups to do so, the cumulative total amount of exercise for the 8 group of about 50 times or so.

With the first principle of well-developed deltoid muscle failure approach:

well-developed deltoid muscle exercise is the local level held a variety of directions, such as former flat major development held before the deltoid muscle bundle; side-Ping Ju (palm down) the major development deltoid in the beam; held after the major developments in the deltoid muscle after the oblique beam. Developed a comprehensive practice deltoid is pushed wide neck, this exercise both the development of the deltoid muscle, but also the development of triceps, right pectoralis major, serratus anterior also have an impact. For the effective practice of these two well-developed deltoid organically combined training, its effect will be better. Practice; is to mobilize the first move with only 6-10 times the weight of doing dumbbell lateral move down on the practice. Until get up, followed by the other side of place went to the bar before doing wide-grip barbell behind the neck with the elected (70%), until an operator to get up a large group, a total of four large groups do.

With the first principle of well-developed triceps way to failure:

well-developed triceps muscle exercises are a variety of the local arm flexion and extension, such as neck flexion and extension arm, bent arm flexion and extension, etc., but the strength of its integrated practice is the narrow push will Both the effective combination of organic practice, the training results were better. Approach is: Athletes do first posterior arm flexion 6-10 times until fatigue, and then quickly ran toward the squat rack shelves before the pick up in advance put away the bar (barbell weight of the maximum weight for their 60-70%), continuous move Until get up, so that two kinds of exercises a large group of operators were doing four major groups, will be very bulging triceps and stimulate the deep, as long as nutrition, keep pace with the fast development of muscles can get.

With the first principle of well-developed back muscles way to failure:

well-developed back muscles and effective local muscle exercise is weight-bearing goats to come forward, while the back muscles developed a comprehensive practice there are bent, straight leg dead lift and so on. In order to deepen their understanding of back muscle stimulation can be used as follows Lianfa: first in the goat do weight-bearing can not afford to come forward and 6-10 times until quite far, followed by ran toward the squat rack to do bent barbell exercises before the shoulder (or do straight leg rigid pull) until fatigue. The two combined training exercises 4 groups, back muscles can get a very good stimulus.

With the first principle of well-developed quadriceps failure approach.

Athletes do first developed a partial quadriceps muscle exercises; weight-bearing leg flexion and extension, trying to do 8 times or so, followed by well-developed leg muscles to do a comprehensive muscle exercises; squat, but also try to do 6-8 times, so cross - rotation to do eight groups (four large groups) about 50 times to stimulate the quadriceps will be deeper because of the swell.

In theory, it is consistent with the limit load of excess post-recovery principle. This is because the body exhausted to load after the first and foremost a capability has been greatly diminished, followed by the resumption of anti-weary body to adapt to an increase; more than its original level;

4, first tired to repeat France

do first integrated muscle group exercises, followed by local muscle groups do exercises. If there are at least four muscles involved bench press, the main exercise part of the pectoralis major, triceps at the maximum force when the force was not to maximize participation. Fatigue according to the first repeat of the principles, the first training bench press (using the super-group counting method), and then, lying on the bench holding dumbbell exercises to do birds.

5, continuous weight loss method

began to use a heavier weight with maximum (8-10 times); followed by a companion to reduce the weight limit and then do (4-6 times the weight of people by the companions will be reduced, repeat with maximum (4 times or so), so row 3 sets about to make an extreme muscle tension, get the best incentives.

For example: bench press (bench press) (80 kg +70 kg +60 kg) / ( 8 +4 sub-+4 times) for a large group.

Again; standing position curl (35 kg +30 kg +25 kg) / (12 +6 times +4 times) for a large group of

6, continuous The method is to increase the law

the first to do a certain action with a light weight, easy to complete, after exercise, followed by increased exercise some sense of the muscles, combined with redo exercises until get up so far this growing degrees, the deeper stimulation methods to improve the degree of muscle clear-cut.

7, leveraging force law (after the first real virtual duplication of France)

1, after the exhaustion, but also other parts of the body by means of additional forces to do a few non - too much duplication of specifications.

For example: do not give up straight after bending the body forward and then backward swing the body, arms through the swing homeopathic elbow, adhere to do 2-4 times.

Another example: bench press from non - come immediately after doing quite the hip-style bench press, using the power of hip-ting his arms, and purchase major muscle supplement inadequate force, so to insist on doing 2-4 times, right pectoralis major, anterior deltoid, triceps and the former saw muscle stimulation will widen.

8, the same method to study dynamic

according to the practice of elite athletes to exercise a high degree of concentration of attention, practice where you are, want to piece of muscle is extremely important, it would greatly enhance the results of training.

muscle work is supported by the nervePu, with attention focused on the density will be able to mobilize more muscle fibers to work. Therefore, when practicing a certain movement, they should be conscious of making ideas and actions into line, that is what is wanted to practice what the muscles work. For example: training vertical curl, it is necessary to bow their heads with their own eyes, watching his arms to see biceps slowly shrinking.

9, the same action combination method

to the development of the same group (or a) is similar to muscle exercises using different equipment, do not move together in exactly the same concentration followed by exercises to deepen the group (or muscles) muscles stimulation. .

For example, the following alternative for the development of biceps exercises:

1. Vertical curl: (60% / 8-10) 4

2. Single crook of the arm rotation to cite: (65% / 8) 4

3. Inclined Plate curl: (60% / 6-8) 4

4. Supine curl: (70% / 5-6) 4



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