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Help me, give me a lifetime fitness and proper diet for a specific schedule. I am 156cm, weight 60kg

zsweve2010-02-10 03:01:03 +0000 #1
and I am not a very good physique, want to be able to practice more healthy point of the body. Thanks in advance
qd8141372010-02-10 03:15:47 +0000 #2
First of all you have to make it clear - and men, Ms. physical exercise physical exercise is not the same -

Mrs. Be physically active - are asking for is to maintain a good size - and healthy -- Therefore, in the exercise is not appropriate - and men like - a -

recommended three days a week rest. --- 4-day exercise. --- When the body is not good on the break - do not manage campaigns -

Monday time. Do balance exercises wall standing, feet together, back straight and straight back, two head-up the front protrusion with both hands, palms close to the wall, bending elbows, make a front and rear body movements, daily 8-10 times.

There is a simple sort of do aerobics to do ---

2 weeks time. Jogging for some time - in playing the badminton - table tennis, or the like -

3 weeks time. Rope skipping - sit-ups. Of course you need aerobics (sit-ups can help reduce the belly meat - under the condition of good physical condition can do - or do)

4 weeks rest -

Friday jogging - main - run After a balance can go home to do gymnastics, aerobics.

Saturday sit-ups --- the main. Skipping or aerobics can do something less.

Sunday Closed ---

I am talking about is a relatively simple啦- in fact, Ms. exercise so that you can - and regards the amount of exercise - a good idea to grasp -

eating it - the girls on the Do not too many things too greasy -
, but nutritional supplement must also keep up with -

develop a good personal habits - is itself a - a lifetime thing ---

system not very good --- I need to be aware of the above have said many times --- every month when uncomfortable - rest ---
Shu Qiuxia2010-02-10 03:45:03 +0000 #3
jogs for half an hour Guizaijianchi can be try to find some companionship would be more interesting. Diet, sleep, law, appropriate to the health as the most important thing in life, always build awareness of health.
Lan Ling worship2010-02-10 04:22:43 +0000 #4
If you are a person with perseverance, then I believe you, a self-developed program is entirely up to the contrary, I just give you even the best plans, it is nothing but a few dry words only!
Toot toot ☆ ☆ fish2010-02-10 03:57:52 +0000 #5
do more exercise on the right of the



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