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I have to set ourselves fitness program, please pointing 12.

Sahuan children's playing2010-02-10 03:01:30 +0000 #1
As the only use lunch time to keep fit, so I give myself developed a plan for me, please master pointing details of it.

Monday: heavy weight pulling back, including the dead lift; triceps;

Tuesday: heavy weight push the chest; biceps;

Wednesday: heavy weight pushing the shoulders, squat;

Thursday: content with the Monday;

Friday: Whole body muscles to maintain the block again, only requires congestive heart swell;

Saturdays and Sundays two days of rest. Because at home coax children, can not go to the gym.
576,644,3662010-02-10 03:04:56 +0000 #2
Fitness is not something one or two days, he should have long-term adherence, and to have a certain plan.
767,513,2782010-02-10 03:09:54 +0000 #3
If you have just bodybuilding training, it should immediately develop a fully meet your physical characteristics, the nature and timing of the training program.

In order to plan the development and correct implementation of accurate, you must first choose a good gym, good gym concept is: 1, adequate and functional equipment. 2, professional fitness coach. Professional coach is very important, and he can help you plan, but also in the course of your future training can give you the correct guidance, so as to avoid detours. If your coach is a coach at present do not have the fitness or any other person with professional knowledge, it should choose another gym, for a coach.

The development of training plans should be guided by the following points.

1, a simple first

Every trainer wants to find the beginning of the training will enable rapid advancements in the secret of muscles, and hence regarded as a treasure-Star training methods. However, most of the stars training methods are quite complex, with many isolated exercises, and some create their own movements, highly technical, strength are also high. Therefore, the stars of the training method is not the first person to find the secret practice. If what bodybuilding training tips, then it is science - training in science. For beginners, the training of science is simple, basic compound training, such as bench press, squat, dead lift and so on. Although these simple movements is very tedious, but the result was beyond doubt. Almost every winner comes from a compound of the training received super-large. Eighth Mr. Olympia winner Lee Haney won the U.S. championship in the division until after the training, before his training program almost all compound exercises.

The composite of basic training in the main column? Quot;, aimed at enhancing the basic quality, training a large muscle mass, in order to lay a solid foundation for future detailed craftsmanship.

2, well-targeted training programs

your best to use large paper, large print items, the training goal should be written in red in the most eye-catching position. The more specific the better it is, for example, I want to train out of 60Cm circumference of the thigh! Block of the abdominal muscles or weight 70Kg +8! When you are tired of boring training, when you want to be lazy, those words will be eye-catching deep stimulate you, make you embarrassed for their own inertia.

3, continuous and gradual

sustainability and progressive development of training programs are two important principles. Not to insist on training, the muscles will not get sustained, regular stimulation, resulting in slow growth; training intensity is not increased, the muscles of the given stimuli adaptation, growth will be slow. In addition to an effective plan to ensure continuity of training, but also to ensure a gradual increase in training intensity.

Frequency, quantity, strength is the three elements of training programs. The amount and degree of these elements have decided on whether to maintain continuity of training and gradual. So, do not interrupt training, do not miss a training session. On the contrary, the training should not be too frequent, training volume can not be too large, increase the weight can not be overanxious for quick results, otherwise it will result in overtraining, or even a result of load is too large and were injured. So you had to interrupt their train.

4, frequency

frequency refers to the practice several times a week. Frequency setting depends on your ability to recover after training, recovery also depends on physical fitness, sleep and nutrition three factors. In addition, your nature of work and family responsibilities impact on the recovery should not be overlooked. If your work and home every day to spend a lot of physical strength and energy, it will slow down your recovery process.

In general, working with families for a two-week cycle of the primary trainer of the weight exercises more appropriate. Pairs of students a week, three cycles will do. Depending on the specific arrangements for each cycle of time and physical condition of the, it is best to practice a cycle of two days, one day upper body training day, training legs.

Week, two cycles are based on the average human body in terms of resilience, and ensure adequate recovery time and excessively bureaucratic and not only take into account the sustainability of the training, it will not undermine the progressive nature of the training.

A week for a two-cycle time of the weight of practice can be more lenient in body fat is greater in the two cycles can be rest day arrangements between the 30-40 minutes of aerobic training. However, the intensity of aerobic training can not be too much to train heart rate 120-140 beats / divided into appropriate.

5, the number of

amount is the amount of training, practice the number of groups, each with the number of times, as well as the length of rest periods between the two groups and so on.

First of all, the group number of arrangement is not fixed, but each move must have a warm-up group. The role of warm-up group are: 1, speed up the metabolism, into the training state; 2, full joints and ligaments, to avoid injury.

Second, a formal group to group 2-4 The appropriate number of smaller groups will help to improve training efficiency. The number of each formal group 6-12 times, warm-up group of no less than 20 times.

Once again, the time interval between each group in general no more than 2 minutes. Interval as the physical condition of the 2 minutes are allowed, but not at rest when the talk or do other things that affect the training. Otherwise, it will delay the training time, but also reduces the efficiency of the training and undermine the sustainability of the training.

Finally, each training no more than 1 hour, because 40 minutes anaerobic training, some training, the important influence of endocrine hormones would be substantially reduced until the basic stop, resulting in muscle loss. Of primary trainers, the streamlining of time and improve efficiency is the need to develop habits.


strength is the strength training you have to bear the load level. The level of load depends on three factors: weight, training, intermittent, exhaustion level. High-intensity interval training is the premise of a short, each use a larger weight training to close to exhaustion. The concept is incapable of exhaustive complete a. The point is to achieve high strength exhausted the edge, rather than exhaustive. Because exhausted when unable to complete a full muscle movement, muscle contraction is not sufficient muscle fibers can not get enough stimulation. In addition, the exhaustive training when the muscles of the weight loss of control, the risk of injury at any time. Therefore, the complete exhaustion of the primary trainers for the undesirable.

Understanding of the concepts and elements of high intensity on how to increase the weight is very important. An increase in weight is necessary to affect the level of training times and exhaustion. A friend has just started to pay attention to increase the weight can not be too hasty. Here's an effective approach.

Just started training, the use of the weight of a formal group allows you to complete the number (that is, the number of training to exhaustive) are: target number of +5 times. For example, your target number of eight times, then use the weight should allow you to complete 13 times, and you stopped the completion of eight times. The next 6-8 weeks, gradually increase the weight until the weight allows you to use to complete the number of times into a 9-10 times, but you will still be the completion of eight times stopped. To maintain such strength training 2-3 weeks, and then change the target number of 6 times, using the exhaustive number of times 11 times in weight training. Next, still using the above method to increase the weight.

Determined by the growth of muscle stimulation suffered. Frequent changes in weight, the number of other variables, can be sensitive to stimulate the muscles and constantly growing.

6:00 to master more than one can help you develop training programs suited to their own, but the real test is whether the scheme can strictly implemented. Action is necessary to set a goal, do not look for any excuse to be lazy while. Body movement is strong, physical movement, but also enhance the will of the movement. Lazy is the weakness and overcome it, only stronger.

Will of the movement. Lazy is the weakness and overcome it, only stronger.
rongchen2010-02-10 03:24:50 +0000 #4
first month

the first and second week:

Monday, training areas: the central chest, triceps.

Barbell Horizontal push 2 × 20RM

dumbbell birds 2 × 20

chest clip Chest 2 × 20

Butterfly clip chest 2 × 20

heavy hammer, under pressure 2 × 20

dumbbell-bent-arm flexion and extension 2 × 20

Wednesday, the training site: latissimus dorsi, biceps.

Heavy hammer sitting down 2 × 20

seated rowing 2 × 20

standing dumbbell bent rowing 2 × 20

standing barbell curl 2 × 20

seated dumbbell curl 2 × 20

Friday, training areas: the deltoid, abdominal muscles.

Barbell sitting elected 2 × 20

dumbbell held before the level 2 × 20

Dumbbell Lateral Raise 2 × 20

dumbbell bent Lateral Raise 2 × 20

sit-ups 1 × 25

goats to come forward 1 × 25

Saturday, training areas: the leg.

Squat 2 × 20

legs give 2 × 20

seated leg flexion and extension 2 × 20

Prone Leg give 2 × 20

toes 2 × 20

more action entirely of "RM" weight, Group Number 1

2 can be transposed between groups, according to their actual circumstances. For two weeks prior to training, under normal circumstances, after two weeks of basic training, there will be no Xianggang training soreness, but each time there will be sore after training a sense of time within two days after each training. 30

60 minutes after training to eat 1

2 eggs, 1 50

100K bread and drank 100

200ML milk or water. There can not be independently completed actions can be completed through peer support. (Dfbzjyq Studios) reproduced the article indicated source


4 weeks to start training 2 to 3 groups of 12


The first month training intensity increased to 3 or 4 groups of 8


The first three months after the individual moves to increase the intensity appropriate adjustments, 8

12RM, and 6

10RM relative adjustment, if necessary, you can use the pyramid-style training, a greater limits stimulated muscles. This program is suitable for beginners training, required after a little more comprehensive mid-level training program.



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