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Is very important! ! Medial lower leg like a muscle more than others, how consumers ah and profound

Crystal Vine children2010-02-10 04:02:20 +0000 #1
Games could be a year when the school suddenly rushing 60 meters and 100-meter dash, while the winner won a year (usually no movement), But now, third-year (note that this kind of thing), and found that it seems more than fine leg in a more medial calf muscle, how do ah can not wear a beautiful dress, and can not be fooled in the arts festival hostess, and trouble you will have experience in multi-talk is really important to me is very important to ah! ! I think what this piece of muscle may be what the muscle transverse bar (that is, the kind of explosive force to enhance the Olympic athletes have the kind of), how can we lose ah, how can make thinner legs, usually should pay attention to. If the right by the thigh, face-lift, as well as less experienced lower abdomen and stomach, you can also talk about. I do not need empty, the trouble we watched so many Dora - to thank the -
yzdww2010-02-10 04:14:55 +0000 #2
explosive force so strong, that is no doubt that the muscles. Want to cut a little bit more difficult, we should do more stretching exercises, the simplest is to hook feet, so that the calf muscles stretch! Practice various forms, may be stretching hook feet, toes and then you can stand up under the pressure, the most important thing is keep practicing every day, oh! Have the desired effect.

With regard to lose the fat in other places, the easiest way is to jog ah, training volume must achieve more than 30 minutes each time Oh, because it consumes more than 30 minutes of exercise into the body fat!
ttkttk18182010-02-10 04:26:50 +0000 #3
calf muscle obvious, is not your time in a year could occur in the 100 meters race, the main cause of everyday life, such as like the pedal, jump, jumping, and also related to wearing high heels. To reduce the leg muscle is needed is time and relaxation, stretching, stretching, tapping, jogging, etc. --- The above cut thighs also help. Less lower abdomen and belly fat the most fruitful approach is to sit-ups, 30 times a group x3 group. Face-lift and I have no good way to



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