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Winter fitness blackboard information

jstara2010-02-19 15:10:29 +0000 #1

Schools should do the amount of blackboard newspaper, turn to me

So, you lend a helping hand to find what on the blackboard and information on winter fitness -

Thank you -
small Si ↓2010-02-19 15:21:44 +0000 #2
Winter fitness is sufficient to prevent the damage should pay attention to:

winter temperature is low, the body's muscles, ligaments in the cold stimulation appears to increase viscosity, elasticity and stretch the muscles decreased, the joint reduction in physical activity, body metabolic slowdown. In particular, just indoors to outdoors, the temperature declined, will make an immediate skin and muscle contraction, sensory joints, ligaments and body stiffness. In this case, if the immediate intense exercise activity may cause muscle and ligament strain or joint injury, and because of the sudden rapid heartbeat, but also may cause nausea, vomiting and other symptoms not meet.

So, each time training the former must pay attention to make full preparations, it is necessary to do whole body heat, so that the muscles, joints, ligaments, internal organs from entering the state to adapt to the movement to enhance the excitability of nerve, blood circulation and metabolism improved, to prevent the occurrence of sports injuries.

By warm clothing, and exercise to prevent the catch cold

cold and flu season, the increase in the number of main reasons is due to the cold air outside caused by the nose, pharynx mucosal ischemia and vascular resistance decreased, resulting in easy to breed bacteria and viruses spread in the environment . First, the upper respiratory tract mucous membrane inflammation, and then spread to bronchitis, which cause fever, cough and other symptoms. Therefore, prevention is the key to cold resistance and enhance the body's ability to adapt to the cold environment, the winter outdoor exercise can effectively adhere to this purpose. Therefore, the winter must adhere to exercise Oh!

In the winter, when exercise should be based on the change of temperature increase or decrease in the cold clothes. Training will be given a lot of misunderstanding, accustomed to exercise before the change into lightweight clothing, but clothes should be changes in science and promote change in motion, rather than a sudden increase or decrease before and after exercise. The correct way is to make the process of conducting training, with the feeling while practicing edge off. Do not wear too thick, too bloated, so as not to impede the body's movement, increasing the burden on the body, or even sweating too much, but incurred a cold. The middle of a break in sports, remember to wear jackets, pay attention to prevention of colds, bronchitis and other common diseases. Meanwhile, after the end of each exercise, we should wipe away sweat, and put on dry clothes in time to prevent the common cold.



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