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Chest muscle problem

Ukraine stayed DD2010-02-19 15:10:43 +0000 #1
my right chest area on the beam lateral left chest and full I do not know that we are all basically over right chest, left chest, but I connect right chest, arm position (is that some fat people Furu location) is empty .

Well, my question focuses on is the right chest, this location is very wrinkled skin, while the lateral left chest is full.
lanjian9162010-02-19 15:13:22 +0000 #2
you are asking the question I am not familiar with because I was in high school When encountered a classmate, and you say that the basic almost. Its formation was due to: improper exercise on both sides (and possibly some people he did not know or pay attention to their own physical activity), but do not worry, they may first adhere to a party to exercise, and the other put a small amount or does not do sports, to be about chest muscle balance after training the chest muscles to do other methods. Persist for some time, I believe will be a satisfactory answer.

Self-correction method of training is:

a, lateral side push-ups. The body into a prone position, arms straight and perpendicular to the ground supporting the body, both hands about shoulder width distance, chest, abdomen, tight waist, legs straight and close together, toes site stays, the body upright. Then breath, bent arm, so that the whereabouts of the body tend to focus on the weak side of chest side, there is a weak sense of heavy workload of cases of chest muscles, elbows outward open, bent to the lowest position, stop for 2

3 seconds. And then inhale to a slow contraction of pectoralis major while cantilevers up to restore the arms straight. Repeat 10 to 12 times, a total of three exercise groups.

2, parallel bars, lateral flexion and extension arm. Hand parallel bars into a straight arm supports, chest, abdomen, legs stretched close together to relax sag. Then exhale, the body center of gravity tend to weak-side chest down side intends to increase the weak-side chest muscle work load until the arms bent to the deepest level of outreach elbows, so that pectoralis major fully extended, pause 2

3 seconds clock. Then inhale, to stretch the arms, body up until the arms completely stays straight and restore the body stays straight arm position. Repeat 8 to 10 times, a total of three exercise groups.

3, supine lateral side elected. Sit in the bench press frame or on a bench, shoulder and arm reach stool face, waist and back side to leave the bench as "orthopedic", chest Chen Jian, his hands palm upward grip bars, put more emphasis on the barbell weight of an underdeveloped chest side grip shoulder width, the bars on the breast nipple at the bar. Then inhale, his arms forced upward push from the bar, arms straight, stop for 2

3 seconds. Then exhale slowly to restore devolution barbell. Repeat 10 to 12 times, a total of three exercise groups.

4, with less developed side of the chest after the arm to do sit-head one way or another. Sit in the stool, his legs apart, two feet on the ground surface, single-hand grip dumbbells are, arm straight, the dumbbell on the thigh. Then breath, straight-arm dumbbell lifting force will be, and back through the chest and the head space to maximize the whereabouts of the pause 2 seconds, then inhale, and then forced to pull dumbbell up and restored by the same route. Repeat 10 to 12 times, a total of three exercise groups.

5, with less developed side of the chest in one arm to do pimp style. Side of the tape fixed at the top of the shoulder, arm ramp on the move, grip tape side activities. Then inhale to pectoralis major contraction forces to tape the activities side down, to the inward pull in the lower abdomen before, when the weak side of pectoralis major muscle should feel completely tightened, stop for 2

3 seconds. Then breath, then relax to restore. Repeat 10 to 12 times, a total of three exercise groups.

〔Note〕 use of such corrective training methods, in addition to unilateral training arm, the other with arms training movements, should be barbells, dumbbells pull weight and Browne, more emphasis on the underdeveloped side of the chest, so that on the undeveloped side of the chest can be enhanced training to reach the purpose of correction.

Sorry, part of which, but it should is a relatively complete. Plus extra points are not does not matter, as long as help to you satisfied.
jontyzhang2010-02-19 15:35:46 +0000 #3
I am not a professional, you do not quite understand the question

is not to say that about Xiongxing not quite the same, especially the pectoralis major and deltoid is particularly evident where the connection ah?

If you want to strengthen the case, I suggested a dip and the Lying dumbbell elected, these two actions are the pectoralis major and anterior deltoid exercise together, and is very simple movement. Horizontal dumbbell weight elected elected to master yourself, of course, the more weight the better, be used to increase muscle. Dip, then we can do more, carving the shape of these two muscles
gqdw3212010-02-19 15:48:48 +0000 #4
There are several possible.

1. A natural muscle asymmetry. (Should not this)

2. Are you referring to the location in the deltoid and the pectoralis major lateral middle toe. Therefore, these two muscles from the beginning to solve the problem. Deltoid muscle imbalance before the beam can be held to correct the flat dumbbell before, not side-Ping Ju, to pre-level act, as is the practice deltoid Lateral Raise the beam.

From the pectoralis major imbalances in the outside, try to use the backhand dumbbell bench press can be corrected. Dumbbell bench press bar you should be done, but the dumbbell bench press right pectoralis major outer backhand to stimulate more and greater.

Dumbbells for the balance of the muscles are much stronger than the barbell.

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