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17276 Gongjin Will I run every morning to do to lose weight

Suqian Zhang Yang2010-02-19 16:11:28 +0000 #1
I am running a two-stage phase of the previous stage 1500 meters 1500 meters after a break of 10 minutes do I ask a reasonable way to achieve weight loss do
306,171,1212010-02-19 16:21:54 +0000 #2
If you decided to lose weight, you may ask yourself, can persist, if not, or you do not need a strong determination to support the weight-loss methods.

Movement can certainly lose weight, but also to help you guarantee a day of abundant energy, and good body lines. Suggested trying to jogging, you can insist on a more long and are run more easily. I am in college when the habit of early morning runs to finish the rest of my experience, after the rerun will give you running to become the most hated in this life movement. Because the body become soft, heavy footsteps, coupled with no calorie intake ... ... So, is run like a stage every time two ten minutes later could be increased appropriately, of course, insist on the most important thing. Do not other people's eyes to know that it is healthy, since you started running to prove that you have already begun to change, began to pursue a more perfect themselves, so refueling -!

Night running better results, but also be able to run more easily. In fact, jogging is a kind of enjoyment, especially when you feel like they could have been run down, inner strength will make you more confident, I hope you can appreciate the fun.

Above all the lessons of experience, want to help you.
Thin-ri ah confused2010-02-19 16:21:16 +0000 #3
fact, the best is 2 hours after dinner, then rerun best! ! ---- Do not run too fast the morning uniform - the best time for a shorter interval between 3-5 minutes is best - do not insisted sweating like -! Adhere to is to win! I believe you will be able to lose weight successfully! ! ! !
something Night2010-02-19 16:42:23 +0000 #4
personally feel that the evening ran useful

I've tried to run, but must adhere to the middle of living

and you better not break

could slow down but do not stop

consistently modest increases in physical activity will certainly reduce the down

I wish you successful ah
agaoer2010-02-19 17:55:53 +0000 #5
Sports can indeed lose weight, but also control of appetite after exercise, and I said to control appetite and not to make your diet, or eat as you normally would eat on the trip, and dinner to eat less, eat meat , so that the following five points you can lose weight, and it does not harm the body 1. knocking Gallbladder Meridian, gallbladder through the lateral thigh to the knee in the location of eight or nine every night, knock on 15 minutes, knocking in order to promote the bile by the gall secretion strengthen your digestive system 2. to eat must be comprehensive, in order to ensure your health 3. maintain a good attitude, not angry 4. massage Pericardium Meridian (which you can check in the end by the web where I only know about from the below the heart up by the shoulder to the fingertips and then) 5. Zaoshuizaoqi 18:00 to 1:00 is the best time of the blood if you are empty, then recommend that you look at the body manual, which are introduced to the weight loss thing . I hope you do not hurt the body's weight, do not Chijianfeiyao well as heart and kidney weight-loss tea will be diarrhea, exercise the most effective of the hope that you will persevere, and wish you success!



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