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xinyi31552010-02-19 17:11:03 +0000 #1
I have earned the senior yoga instructor, and also became a coach for two months, membership response was pretty good.

But I always felt that I not good enough to repeat to repeat-body go, no matter how I should learn from it?

Ask you ... should go to Beijing and then master learn what do ...
cnynkmzq2010-02-19 17:16:52 +0000 #2
Yoga mainly on the basic movements that only those, but can be through different thread, distorted and make the entire teaching vitality, while the This process is constantly trying to rely on their own experience, the amendment to do, you can also draw on learning from other sports, such as dance, there are many effective practice techniques, yoga breathing and conscious application of adjustment methods that can help students make progress.

In addition, you can also learn anatomy, TCM France, the meridian conditioning, such as within the concept of internal knowledge and enhance their own qualities, and the integrated use of, in the usual teaching guide, helping students more accurately the actions been done to enable trainees to truly feel that yoga exercises to bring their own benefits.

In short, a good yoga teachers were not only skills to be a great move for both physical and spiritual knowledge also need to be an expert, and, with their vitality that was filled with vitality, calm state of mind, and inspirational lead students together to form a harmonious The resonance energy of the magnetic field.

Of course, to maintain the exchange of learning among peers is very important. Pay attention to the development of a dynamic yoga, in order to make their own arrangements some valuable upgrading.
sunny baby cc2010-02-19 17:36:42 +0000 #3
I think that yoga is not just on-body exercises, you are already a yoga instructor, and has had a substitute experience, and was left to rely on my own perception of the! Chinese people always say, "the teacher with a door at the individual cultivation of"! You are a high-level yoga, then-body should also mastered the 300 or so, but in fact the basis of only 60! This stage of learning, it should be raised in their soul! I hope you succeed - In addition, Beijing is the real seat of yoga do? ! You find the real master of the stage - the recommendation and Indian teachers to learn bar!



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