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With fitness professionals, and for me to develop a fitness plan?

wx21792102010-02-19 19:11:16 +0000 #1
My 1.75cm 58 kg, over the past week just go to the gym fitness, to feel nothing has changed several times, is not I need a fitness program ah, every time I go to is to see someone else get what I get along with anything, there is No fitness coaches to develop a fitness plan for me, ah, like to practice a few weeks what position, then a few weeks rest to the area in detail, rather than aerobic or strength, I basically do not run treadmill, because hearing people say the more the longer you ran thin, and I mainly want a long muscle, so I want to focus training efforts.
cuitao02212010-02-19 19:21:44 +0000 #2
I am a professional bodybuilder, I can help you,

First of all you have to clear this campaign is not to have changed several times, 1 month change is not large, 1 year, then changes may be great.

In view of a novice, I'll give you a 1 week exercise program four times!



flat bench press 4 sets, 8-12

8-12 times dumbbell-bird Group 4

Butterfly machine folder or chest Chest 4 sets cable clip 8-12 times



Sitting wide-grip pull-down six groups 8-12 times (preferably caused by up to do wide grip, but a novice in general can be done, but this action can be quickly put back practicing W)

bent barbell row 4 groups 8-12 times


barbell elected four deltoid muscle groups 8-12 times

Dumbbell Lateral Raise 4 sets 12-15 times (preferably done with a small weight, the action must be standard, novice general love shrug , it reaches trapezius up, so we must pay attention)

leaned over Lateral Raise 4 sets 8-12 times



on the 2.3 I have been using this method it is , I feel good results for me, you can try, is training a group of two, and then without a break, then practice three, then two is such a continuous forward to.

Barbell curl 4 sets, 8-12

supine barbell arm flexion and extension 4 sets, 8-12

small weight of the dumbbell curl a group of 30

cable down a group of 30

4.5 weeks rest

6 weeks


barbell squat 4 sets 8-12 times

Leg give four groups 8-12 times
Seven prostitute insect T2010-02-19 19:46:28 +0000 #3
is not running does not work, running is the best way to warm up, physical activity, and heat , and the results of training we go. As you said, running to run more lean more to say is not correct, running help you lose weight, but the only long-distance running, you've seen sprinters are thin like do with the monkey? Therefore, the pre-training warm-up about one kilometer distance is necessary and effective, specific long-distance running but also more based on individual circumstances, for the purpose of body heat. I do not know your specific age, even about 20 bar, 58 kilograms is indeed too little weight, to grow to between 65-70 be considered standard. To quickly increase the weight of the most direct way is to practice lower extremity strength, imagine the arm and then the thigh than do coarse matter sorted out? Be counted as five days a week for the time being to give you training time, 135 lower extremity training, 24 training upper limb, lower limb exercise except running (sprint) other than the need to rely on bar-ling, and other auxiliary equipment, squat training endurance, explosive squat training, each Exercise 2-4 times each group 8-12 The appropriate weight based on individual case may be, in principle, is the saturation training method, that is, we should not too light not too heavy, if you can squat around the 20 Note too light, if not 56 shows squatting too heavy. The saying goes, haste makes waste, fitness can not act with undue haste, when the step by step, and too anxious get hurt easily backfire. Here to talk about upper limb exercises, which requires persistent practice, the more there is to be trained to type of chest muscle, does not require much equipment, can achieve their goals, more than 100 push-ups a day, each a minimum of not less than 30, adhere to a two years, 300 in one go is not a problem, more than 100 sit-ups, each of not less than 50. The other is the bench press, squat with the bar-ling, the specific principles similar to saturated training. Also note that is not lip service to the main train upper limbs, a small amount of lower extremity exercises contribute to the restoration and mitigation training the day before the fatigue caused by the content ... there is much interest you can add me, and slowly tell you
Overseas Flying2010-02-19 20:29:51 +0000 #4
Monday: upper, pectoralis major muscle + triceps to do five groups, each weighing between 6-12 times. (That is, to do eight times around, there is no strength in them. This weight)

Tuesday: Closed, or abdominal pain, abdominal exercises can be practiced every day.

Wednesday: Lower limb: the legs of all things ,3-five different movements, each movement 3-5 groups, each 6-12 times the weight.

Thursday: Closed

Friday: back, biceps muscle groups + +

Saturday lumbar muscle groups: shoulder muscles.

Sunday Closed. (Daily eat, sea food, to eat as a workout.) Doing less aerobics, more stretching muscles! In the gym, to communicate more with the coach! You can, please individual and private education!



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