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Shaping how the campaign?

_zhou_xiao_jin2010-02-19 20:10:43 +0000 #1
What is the best exercise to lose weight then?
maen20082010-02-19 20:25:24 +0000 #2

jog more than 30 minutes a day, you can keep shaping
log_1234562010-02-19 20:36:07 +0000 #3
swimming is the best body sculpting exercise! Second, you can also play badminton, keep your muscles can jump through the tension, relax and get exercise, and constantly stretched when jumping to make your muscles look great model!

However, muscles are not out of a few days training, which requires perseverance!

With regard to the reasons for body sculpting movements on the body sculpting movements of the relevant knowledge. ■ chest bodybuilding France

pull movement: to take station or sitting position, his arms placed inside the body, slowly toward the both sides of the lift, to head, shoulder and between the altitude, and then slowly move forward until the arms is about to collide when the stop; after the arms separately, restore and make the muscles to relax. Move slowly so repeated 5-8 times.

Anti-Support to come forward to: sitting in a chair, his arms stays in the chair on both sides. After the upper body through the center of gravity to move the arm, and legs straight, buttocks, tight to the premise of the hip, head high, making the body into a straight line for 5 seconds to restore. Note that the natural breathing, arms and body are straight.

Chest exercise: knees, his arms drooping naturally. Upper body moved back, buttocks sitting on heels, taking breath. Arms chest-Ping Qu, back of the hand relative, fingers touch the chest, Hanxiong bow. Then the focus forward, very hip, upper body erect, and inhale, arms shoulder flexor (palm of the hand, fingers open), and upright. Repeated this action.

Prone Sports: front support legs separated and shoulder width. Upper body, under pressure, his arms bent home side of the body, so that upper arm parallel with the ground, and then inhale, arms to the elbow straight with Li Cheng, and upright, to restore the preparatory posture, breath. Every time try to repeat several times.

Sit-Sports: Supine in bed or a couch, two hand dumbbells, arms Ping Shen, relying on the chest muscle contraction arm move, and then relax restore, repeat every minute to do 2O-3O times.

Bed movement: prone on the bed, the chest out of bed, then lifted his upper body, his hands alternately do "draw water" position. 10-15 times per minute.

■ abdominal bodybuilding France

sit-ups: The main exercise on the abdominal muscles. Slowly raised his upper body, abdomen, head and as far as possible close to the knees, backwards, when restored, the back touch pad surface. People who have the training base, preferably in the inclined plate and abdominal muscles to do the shelves can be fully recline to increase the abdomen difficult.

Leg raise abdomen: The main is to develop lower abdominal muscles. The body sits flat, straight legs elevated as much as possible. And then slow down again, repeated several times. Flexion knees to do the same moves better.

Knees tuck: Focus on exercise abdominal muscles. Sitting straight knees, upper body backwards to maintain body balance, then knees, abdomen, so that abdominal muscles as far as possible off Qu. Exercise in the foot can never touch the ground.

Alternately touch toes: lying down, feet straight and his hands placed on both sides of the body. Lift the body at the same time move the left leg, and use your right hand touch your left toe; to restore the status quo ante, and then raised his upper body at the same time move the right leg, and use the left hand touch the right toe. Repeat several times to do.

Waist: a hand grip or pull some heavy weight for various positions of the Twister and turning exercises, that if we can reverse the l0 clockwise circle, back to reverse the 10-lap counter-clockwise. Finally forward, the left and right bending over 5 times. Could exercise external oblique and lower back muscles. Bodybuilding France

Prone hip leg raise: prone, arms elbow arm support on the ground, arm and shoulder parallel, palm down. Upper body without moving his left leg straight and try to lift up, stretch toes. And then fall to restore the left leg, then his left leg on the move, restore. Breathing should be natural, the higher the better leg.

Squatting movement: legs spread apart and upright, feet shoulder width distance, heels flat on the ground then, back naturally straight, waist muscle relaxation, the first naturally raised, facing front, buttocks gradually sinking, was the next squatting posture, until the thigh parallel with the ground up. Then stand up, continuous repeat several times.

Lunge movement: legs, feet close together, back straight, muscle relaxation, foot pre-out, distance and shoulder width, the latter showed lower my eyes, forward setting posture, legs vertical, below the knee angle does not exceed 90 degrees is appropriate. Left leg exchange, continuous repeated several times.

Lifting Sports: sideways in bed or carpet, his legs naturally bending, knees to the chest raised, arched posture, on the side of a leg move, to keep bending, and then sideways, repeat the above movements.

Ascend Sports: Climbing the stairs is a good exercise hip muscle movement, climbing between the bend when the knee does not exceed 90 degrees, if the indoor use of exercise machines to do ascend exercise, frequency not too fast, bearing in mind the back straight, muscle relaxation .

More training, optional 2-3 every time you can do the same kinds of methods, each method should be repeated 15 more times. Its essentials, the training action can not be too fast, but also maintain the proper rhythm. In particular, to restore the action, should make the muscles there is always resistance force, the end will not have the slightest relaxation. As long as you ensure that l-2 times a day training, each 15-3O minutes, the course of time will bear fruit

(Article Source: Love Medicine Wide Web)
Small Times Limited 06062010-02-19 21:05:18 +0000 #4
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