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Please fitness professionals to help develop a fitness and diet plans

matom19812010-02-19 20:10:50 +0000 #1
Biren height of 1.81 meters, weight 73 kg, only one dumbbell, do not want to put into the other, but also money to eat eggs powder, prior to a meal without taboos, although there is a period of time weight soared to 82 kg, arm circumference is also a lot bigger, but the belly is also thick, and it just looked very strong, sub-block is not very clear and hope receive adequate guidance schemes will allow me to achieve a breakthrough this year. Appliances: dumbbell. Food Range: Students from the date of consumption, such as milk, eggs, bread, vegetables.

Satisfactory to the high score Oh!
JJYYAYYJJYY2010-02-19 20:27:10 +0000 #2
similar situation with me, I did not even dumbbells.

My own body methods:

morning, get up first go to run, can run the length depends on your strength, and they do not go to shock.

Students to go to school, training the muscles I was practiced in the evening.

② warm-up four groups to do push-ups sit-ups four groups

④ give dumbbell biceps training group 4

⑤ give training deltoid dumbbell squat 4 sets

⑦ four groups to stand on one foot Dianqi Jiao tip

These you can sort according to your situation.

Food: In the morning I always eat two bowls of porridge plus 2 egg

noon to eat more vegetables and meat

Do not overeat at night (due to the exercise)

one hour before going to bed drink a glass of milk a day to ensure a bread

8 hours of sleep (sleep is very important Oh)



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