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Questions about tickets

green love2010-01-20 16:02:03 +0000 #1
1. I am prepared to buy a 5-day passes to the central stadium, it is not to say that this ticket in the No. 5 position on the central court during the day games, all belong to me? During the game I Can With tickets at the central court and the field to switch between, say, Can see a first in the central stadium, and then go to field to see and then back to center court to see?

2. Is not readily admission (though of course, will choose the players to rest when seated)? Or to be 1.5 hours before admission? Is 9:30?

Thank you,
junekidd2010-01-20 16:06:14 +0000 #2
1. There is a central field of votes viewers can certainly go outside the field of view (except for No. 1 market, because this year it is a single selling tickets), as the need for some kind of shuttling between the venue to prove ( before giving his arm overshadowed CO stamp, but also occurred in dispute, therefore, very BT ... ...) do not know, so tickets should be kept safely and proof (if any).

2. Do not advance admission, LZ you are accustomed to see performed Mody ... ... this is not so strict, and the fans will not be focused on admission of the case, so do not worry admission to wait a long time, 11 o'clock 12 points for the game it does not matter, He He.



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