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Staff, official website appearing in the title the wrong

Zhu months2010-01-19 20:01:58 +0000 #1
official website appearing in the title of the wrong, the phrase originally referred to the actor make-up power acting. After a bad analogy, dressed in the political arena. Used in a small German debut too inappropriate, I hope the staff to see corrections as soon as possible.
Manatee GUNDAM2010-01-19 20:05:25 +0000 #2
Some of the words in the inertia, we have generated a lot of misunderstandings!

Such as the finale of it, of the Chinese language dictionary, explained that this penultimate appearance and the penultimate one is called the shaft! Grand finale, 100 people is estimated there are 99 personal view is that the first appearance is the penultimate bar!



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