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Silent child star2010-01-20 01:01:27 +0000 #1
Central Stadium partner coupons, above say no earlier than 7:00 later, the basis of its periphery to enter the venue, then I can only advance one and a half hours into the periphery do? Or I can enter early on the day of a peripheral? Specifically points? I can see a few in the central court game? I want to go to the driving range to see Rafael Nadal, on the 4th day, a few points to be better? Thanks!
junekidd2010-01-20 01:09:03 +0000 #2
evening the center of the votes during the day could have gone in the market at any time can be, but only on field training and competition to see until the games start later than the central field. Training arrangements to announce the official website every day, at noon a look at the best, of course, is directly to the golf course better wait and see, He He. General arrangements of the Central Field Late-night matches.



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