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Gang fights by 10 people. Then their uniforms, and even maimed, is that self-defense, wounding it? T Qa4452010-04-13 07:10
Ligament injury when practicing taekwondo, and I can please ↑ Sa ↑2010-04-09 13:11
two years ago when learning Taekwondo ligament injury of the knee was swollen but not long enough. .
Tae Kwon Do not lose weight? Have more formal Road Museum? What is the cost? Tixianmuouren2010-04-09 10:11
This year his work, and as a child quite like to learn, do not know count as late. I am 18. By the w
Those basic moves and martial arts 962225672010-04-03 01:11
martial arts moves that I see what's the use, when the real fight can last? "Bruce Lee" Bruce Lee
Professional martial arts athletes, empty-handed as most people are armed with a knife, do you have  Password forgotten2010-03-07 18:11
Such as title
What are the Chinese boxing league club? What all call? Left-han Arts2010-02-25 06:10
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