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What are the Chinese boxing league club? What all call?

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Chinese boxing league a few days ago, the State General Administration of Sport boxing Tae Center was officially introduced in April next year, the opening of the Chinese boxing league program. This means that Chinese boxing commercial league will officially launch the club.

Chinese Boxing Association, Chang Jianping, presenting the plaque. This is the second football, basketball and table tennis to carry out the few Olympic sports professional league, the State Sports General Administration has approved an annual league project. This is boxing in recent years, China continuously made a historic breakthrough, people pay more attention to the boxing match, the market demand for higher response boxing warm and China need to continue to improve, and many other factors are not unrelated. In response, the State Sports General Administration of boxing Tae center very seriously, after more than six months of repeated discussion, comments and reference to the International Amateur Boxing Association will be held next year in WSB professional league form, will be the final league finalized.

League in the form of group-cum-individual champion race preliminaries preliminaries, groups and individuals to champion the finals of the final three stages of time in late April 2010 to July, as the national team during the season, trip to perform important tasks, the league will be extended as appropriate.

Among them, the first league will be in cities of the country as a unit composed of eight club teams, all four North and South, using the North and South at the same time or when the wrong home and away double round-robin system, a total of 24 games a week, four games, total of 6 weeks.

Group preliminaries ranking methods: get three points wins a negative to a one point, abstention was zero, the first club in the district were awarded the points, "the South Champions League group" and "North Group Cup," At the same time to obtain a certain amount of prize money and participate in team finals. If two points the same as the arrangement of the principles of ranking:

1, compare the two sides race to win screenings, winning out over those who rank before.

2, as is still the same, the two sides before the match winner Rank column.

Team finals between the North and South team title, three games with two wins game system, preliminary standings front of the club, will receive two home eligibility, such as the points the same as the Committee discussed and decided upon by the league, decided to rank the same as the above .

The final victory of the club will be awarded the "Chinese Boxing League Champion Cup", which boxer will be awarded (10) individual gold medal finals, while some amount of prize money; runner-up club fighter will receive 10 silver medal in the finals; Article 3 to 8 are ranked according to preliminary decision points, scoring more points than those ranking columns ago, while ranking tied for the same points.

Group preliminaries individual champion-cum-level points per game preliminary round the top two boxers will be eligible to participate in individual tournament champion, winning boxer will be awarded at this level, "Chinese boxing champion" title at the same time to obtain a certain amount of prize money .

League consists of five levels, namely, 51,62,73,84, and +91 kg (per game increase in a pair of women's boxing exhibition match). In principle, each participating clubs signed by at least 10 boxers, each level of two boxer; two club competitions were included five levels of each game, the implementation of the International Amateur Boxing Association at the Olympic rules; each race lasting for about two hours (including a brief but a grand opening ceremony and awards ceremony).

League, all participants must pass the Chinese Boxing Association boxer annual registration; access to the 11th National Games of boxers qualified for the final and the 2009 National Youth Championship, the top two boxers at all levels can participate; a team of at least 10 boxers there must be two exchanges from other provinces and cities boxer, boxer Chinese Boxing Association will be responsible for the exchange.

In order to ensure fair, orderly and healthy for league, league committee will be executive director of the Chinese Boxing Association will be, partners, television, the Chinese Boxing Association employ economic, legal, competition and other experts in the field, the club heads, is responsible for organizational management and supervision工作.

To participate in the club league in general by the relevant provinces and municipalities, industry sports associations boxing authorities, the stadium owners and investors tripartite composition, according to its director, must assume their responsibilities, and signed with the Chinese Boxing Association, " Chinese boxing league competition agreement ", the first time co-operation not less than 7 years (1 +6 year, that by the end of 2016).

Club, where the provincial boxing competition received the approval of competent authorities, and industrial and commercial administrative departments at the local register.

Under the regulations, provinces and municipalities up to a team competition, at present indicated interest in participating in China's northern provinces are: Beijing, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Henan, Shandong, avant-garde body Concord; the south, Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Guizhou , Shanghai, and Sichuan.

Club is responsible for the formation of teams and daily management; Chinese Boxing Association in accordance with the standards established to provide the visiting team and technical officials, competition for food and lodging, local transportation and training, etc.; responsible to pay 100,000 yuan deposit. The margin in the club out of league, when the normal, without irregularities would be the amount of refund; is responsible for the club and home tournament operations, and enjoy the event souvenirs and requirements development and other business development activities will be organized within the scope of such rights as prizes. In addition, the club also have the naming rights and competition from ticket sales rights.

Of the State Sports General Administration of boxing Tae Chang Jianping, director of the Center, said, boxing as a sport highly market-oriented, in some countries, competition in the market, commercialization has been a hundred years of history. The success of boxing are often able to attract a global audience of millions of eyeballs, through television, advertising sales, ticket sales, lottery quiz and other forms, from various angles to attract sponsors, broadcasters, media, spectators and other different groups, in order to to reach all levels of interaction, thereby continuously promote the boxing match mode of operation to promote the development of boxing and eventually produce good economic and social benefits.

Chinese boxing since its resumption in 1986, has experienced being beaten to the Olympic gold medal from behind the difficult process of market-oriented, business-oriented operation has also done a lot of useful attempt and exploration. Unfortunately, not a piecemeal line size, not a system, "less competition, high-quality game with less" has become a professional Chinese boxing skills to improve a major bottleneck. To this end, the league introduced boxing Tae center will further promote the popularity of boxing to improve our country and promote the work of the London Olympic Games preparations, active competition market, a rich cultural life of the masses, in order to build sports power in our country as soon as possible building blocks.



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