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Pete Spratt interview

deanoflean2010-05-13 15:02:04 +0000 #1
Had a chance to interview Pete Spratt!

MMA Haven: You recently fought for MFC, what was it like fighting in

Canada again and how would you compare it to fighting for TKO in Quebec?

Pete Spratt: Going back to the MFC for the second time was a pleasurable

experience. Mark and his staff made sure I was taken care of and we

talked about what happened when I was there before and put that behind us! I am excited to be a part of the organization and look forward to a bright future with the MFC. I am looking to win their 170lb title and then maybe dropping to 155lbs. I have been contemplating this move for some time and I think 155 is possibly in my near future. I cannot compare the 2 promotions as it has been so long since I fought TKO. Canada has not been real good to me in the past but I am looking to change that quickly.

MH: How many fights do you think you need to get back to the UFC?

PS: Actually it's not about fights with the UFC it's about wins

for the most part! I know recently they brought a guy back that

actually lost his last fight for another promotion but it is what it is! I really control my own destiny if I am able to get back to the UFC. I just need to keep winning and the rest will happen on its own. Joe keeps track of all the fighters out there and if he wants me back and thinks I have done what it takes to be back in the UFC he will call!

MH: Who would you really like to fight at welterweight? Do you

have any dream matchups?

PS: I really dont care who I fight. I dont have any dream match

ups or anything like that. I am in the business to fight and welcome

any challenge. Right now I am nursing my knee injury and trying to take the right match ups until it heals completely.

MH: What got you into Mixed martial arts to begin with?

PS: I was training with a couple of friends that were doing the

mma thing and it just kind of fell into my lap. I trained a few months,

fougth one time for $100 and the rest is history!

MH: You’ve fought since the earlier days of MMA, when you look

back now having fought since 1999 and the way MMA has exploded in the

last 4-5 years, do you see yourself as a pioneer?

PS: Nah I wouldn't call myself a pioneer but I feel ike I am probably the

second/third generation of mma. I am just glad to have been a part of

the sport in the earlier days and to be apart of that rich tradition.

MH: Who pioneered the sport for you and who were your earlier


PS: Of course, Royce, Ken, Bas, Mo Smith who I think needs to be in the UFC Hall of Fame, Pat Miletich and those guys are the pioneers. I enjoyed

watching Mikey Burnett, Guy Mezger, Tito, Carlos Newton, Pat Smith in

those earlier days. I never in a million years thought I would be doing

this for a living!

Full interview here:



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