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Dr. John Fitzgerald ~ The Blood Doc

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Randy Couture was asked in a recent MMA FanHouse interview how he maintains such a good physical condition that allows him to fight twice in three months at the age of 46.

"The last couple years I've spent a lot of time getting my blood chemistry evaluated, taking the supplements and eating the things that my blood chemistry says I should be. That's been the biggest thing the last couple years, age 45 and 46," Couture replied.

So, who is evaluating Randy’s blood, and who is choosing his supplements and telling him what to eat? The answer is Dr. John Fitzgerald.

Dr. Fitzgerald, who has come to be known as Blood Doc John, works not only with Randy Couture but also other Xtreme Couture athletes such as Gray Maynard and Martin Kampmann. Along with Randy, Dr. Fitzgerald is now offering the same supplements his athletes take to the public through Xtreme Couture Athletic Pharmaceuticals, or XCAP.The partnership with Randy and Xtreme Couture all started when the doctor got a new patient named Phil Friedman, who happens to be one of Randy’s training partners.


Blood Doc John: Phil told others at Xtreme Couture the great results he got and things took off from there. What is crazy about this is that I was really burned out from seeing patients and wasn't interested in seeing patients anymore, but this relationship has been good for us both and I have a renewed enthusiasm from the fun I have had working with athletes again.

Spot: What kind of results did Phil Friedman have?

BDJ: His energy returned, resting and recovery heart rate returned to normal, he could sleep again, and his episodes of dizziness left.

Spot: How long did it take Phil to see these results?

BDJ: Four days, the adrenal glandular works very fast.


Spot: What are some common nutritional mistakes you see your athletes make?

BDJ: Too many to list. Eating junk food and drinking pop is devastating to most that choose to do it.

Spot: In your experience what are the most common deficiencies in athletes?

BDJ: Mineral deficiencies are very common. Soil is depleted of minerals from farming methods, so the food we eat is typically depleted in minerals. Athletes make the problem worse by losing minerals in sweat and not replacing them. I generally have athletes take 4 Natural Mins (XCAP) after each workout and have them take Zinc Clutch every meal until they can taste it, which means they can take less Zinc Clutch.


Spot: How much does the blood testing usually cost for a new patient and how long does it take to get the results?

BDJ: Some athletes bring me blood work and others I set up appointments for them to get their blood drawn. They pay for the lab work with cash or insurance and then pay me $300 per hour to help them. Some athletes want me for one hour and then another 30 minutes every now and then, while others ask for substantially more time.

So the cost really depends on them and what they want. Some blood work I get back in two days and some takes two weeks depending on what tests are ordered.


Spot: We’ve talked about how supplements and nutrition can effect recovery and endurance, are there strategies for increasing speed or strength?

BDJ: Yes there are. That is why we do blood work and hormone testing. There are many nutritional deficiencies that cause glandular hypofunction which lowers hormone levels. We check these and then address the cause.

Spot: With supplementation being an unregulated industry how can a person protect themselves from taking a product which may contain mostly filler or worse, be harmful to their health?

BDJ: This is very hard to do unless you really limit what company you are buying from. People are always thinking I am overly cautious because I only recommend XCAP and Biotics Research made products for pro athletes. I do this because they have a pharmaceutical license and are therefore strictly regulated. Other nutrition companies are not regulated like this.

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