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Thoughts on Karo Parisyan

PaulHelms2010-05-13 11:41:08 +0000 #1
By now many of you know what is going on with Karo right now. It's no secret that an addiction to pain medication is causing a downward spiral for the former welterweight contender's career and life. Once considered a world class judo practitioner and semi-elite mixed martial artists, Parisyan is now the subject of drug abuse jokes and angry rants. There was a time when Karo was considered one of the more exciting fighters in the UFC. Now he has been cast out but UfC President and former admirer, Dana White.

It's sad to see a fighter of this caliber fall so far. We've all heard similar stories before but it's still a shock every time it happens. When you look back, there are signs that point this day coming. But until it came full circle, it was hard to know how far Karo had fallen. A man who would not give up when faced with adversity in the octagon. A man who kept pushing forward when he was battered and beaten. The man who was never easily defeat, is now experiencing defeat to a tiny pill. A pill that was prescribed to help him has now cost him almost everything. Parisyan has been tested by several top level fighters and proved the better man on more than his share. But now he faces the toughest test of his entire life. Forget the fights, this battle will be the one that defines Karo Parisyan as a man.

I'm torn on this issue myself. I was once a huge Karo fan. Though it may cause me to catch "Heat" (perhaps a pun intended) I am still a Karo fan to a certain degree. One of my favorite fights of all time is Karo vs. Nick Diaz. The grappling transitions in that fight were phenomenal. Neither man backed down in that bout. Now both are having drug problems. What are the odds? I was a fan before that but that fight solidified Karo as one of my favorites. Now he is undoubtedly testing my loyalty as a fan. See, I picked my favorite sports teams at a young age and I have not switched them to this day. I stick with whoever I route for through good and bad times. But a fighter throwing his life away is hard to support. It vexes me to no end. Maybe hearing some of your thoughts on the matter will help, as I've come to respect the opinions of many of you.

Discipline2010-05-13 11:43:41 +0000 #2
hes a human being just like the rest of the people living on the streets or addicted to drugs of sorts that have NO control over it. it sucks and i hope he gets better but its things like this that also make me so pissed off. golden opportunity flushed down the drain forever if not for quite awhile. next time ANYONE is given sweet opportunities and feel as if they wont be able to handle it let me know ill take it lol.
tw0mey2010-05-13 12:27:23 +0000 #3
I liked watching him fight. But it doesn't bother me to see him go.
Red Tex2010-05-13 12:44:08 +0000 #4
People keep acting like this has all been from the pain killers and that's why all of this happened. Karo has had a list of problems for quite some time now. He was having all sorts of panic attacks before and that was what got him to pull out of another fight a while back. He just hasn't really been there mentally for quite some time now and with Karo, well you're getting a lot of drama with the guy. He simply carries a lot of baggage, and I'm sure that there's been a lot more than what us fans know as well. Dana simply got fed up with Karo and I really can't blame him. It's not like Karo has done much in the last two years any way to bring in more fans for himself or won any major fights where he "WOWED" anyone. His popularity hasn't grown any and he's been simply more of a guy that's just out there rather than being a guy that many fans are interested in. He's not a talked about fighter at all. I'm not happy to see him go, but I'm not really unhappy either. This incident simply isn't surprising.

I would like to see him in Strike Force though. I think he could get more exposure there and hopefully have some success and build his name back up more for his fighting abilities, rather than his abilities to have these break downs and disappointments outside of the cage.
Nycto2010-05-13 13:06:25 +0000 #5
I feel sorry for the guy. Being hooked on shit is tough, especially when its something highly addictive like pain killers. I think Dana treated the situation like a complete asshole. I can kinda relate, I'm also very anxious but use the ganja as my cope. Also lost my job for it too lol... but thats my own fault. When you're using something to cope with your problems, its VERY hard to break.
Red Tex2010-05-13 12:35:08 +0000 #6

Originally Posted by Nycto

I feel sorry for the guy. Being hooked on shit is tough, especially when its something highly addictive like pain killers. I think Dana treated the situation like a complete asshole.

You guys keep acting like this pain killer issue is the only issue that Karo has ever had. It isn't. It's just another one that is stacked on top of the pile of other issues he's had and this one made him expendable to where Dana and the Fertittas had enough. This is all Karo's fault. Maybe if Karo hadn't pulled out of another fight and had other issues in the past Dana would have had more slack for him and been more sympathetic, but he's had his 3 strikes and on top of that, Karo is pulling this is very poor timing. The UFC has had to deal with such a rash of injuries from poor luck, that I'm sure there looking at this as complete crap when this could have been easily avoided.



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