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DREAM vs Sengoku?!

snake792010-05-13 12:47:14 +0000 #1


The table of contents for the January editions of Japanese MMA magazines Gong Kakutougi and Kakutougi Tsushin basically confirm a DREAM X SRC NYE joint event.

On Tsushin it says: “DREAM Vs. SENGOKU(SRC), outbreak of war!”

The chief editor writes/says that on NYE, an all-star dream card will be implemented.

On Gong it says: “DREAM X SENGOKU @ NYE, toward the alliance of the century.”

SRC Lightweight champion Hirota says: “If SRC and Dynamite!! hold an event together, I want to overcome and KO Eddie Alvarez.”

There’s nothing though about what will happen after the joint NYE event.

These table of contents aren’t even officially out yet so thanks to the site below for finding and posting them.

Source: NHBNews PRO

So what fights between fighters of the different organizations do people want to see?

Fights like Hirota vs. Alvarez, Omigawa vs. KID or Takaya, Hornbuckle or Takimoto vs. Zaromskis, Yokota vs. Kikuno, and Izumi vs. Manhoef don’t sound impossible to

Crow_Time2010-05-13 13:03:49 +0000 #2
Izumi will die if he fights Manhoef.....

I would nut in my pants to see Hornbuckle vs Zaromikis.



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