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Asugar's list of up and comers.

asugar2010-05-13 15:26:51 +0000 #1
I won't list the ones that a lot of other people are already noticing (Cain, Shane, Hazelett, Jon Jones, etc, etc), even though I am pleased to say that I was aware of them before a lot of other people were (yeah, that's bragging about something completely insignificant. Get used to it, I'm gonna be here a while.). Here's guys I think are going to be very big:

1. Pat Barry

Record: 4-0

Style: Kickboxing

Accomplishments: 2008 Combat USA Heavyweight champion, 2005 Kings of Kickboxing tournament champion, and 2003 and 2004 U.S. Open Sanshou champion

Strengths: Striking, of course, specifically his leg kicks, I said before his fight with Evenson that everyone needed to look out for them, and that's what won him the fight. Watch his K-1 fight with Gary Goodridge and about 30 seconds into it, he tags him with about 3 in a row right away, and they were hard as shit. On top of that, he is very physically powerful, and he was trained by Ernesto Hoost. He's an explosive striker with power and skill, and will give any striker he fights fits, but there is a caveat: There are no signs of his ground game in any of his fights, and that usually means that there isn't one there. He might be a fish off his back, but hopefully he has rounded out his game.

Notes: We have seen a lot of great strikers rise and fall, and his success depends on the same thing that as all of the ones before him depended on: His abilities to round out his game and apply his striking. If he can manage to get enough wrestling to keep fights standing/get back up after being taken down, he will be a menace to most fighters.



2. Ben Askren

Record: 1-0

Style: Wrestling

Accomplishments: Purple belt in BJJ, earned a spot on the 2008 US Olympic wrestling team (even though he didn't do as well as he should have, that is still a big accomplishment), 4 time division 1 All-American, and he won "The Outstanding Wrestler" award at the NCAA Championships, the Dan Hodge trophy and the Rev Wrestler of the Year, all for his 2005-2006 season. He was undefeated his junior and senior years, ending with a combined record of 87-0, and his total record of all four years was 153-8, with 91 pins (which puts him in third place for most pins in Division 1 history).

Strengths: His wrestling, of course, and his natural athleticism. He looks goofy, but his long limbs have allowed him to do a lot of moves that not a lot of people can. He's also a master at improvising moves to fit whatever the situation calls for, which (on top of his unique wrestling style) makes him very unpredictable and hard to control. He also has been attempting to round out his game and has a great attitude towards both applying his strengths and removing weaknesses, and has already joined a great camp in the American Top team.

Notes: He just had his debut, and this is the second topic I have made with him, so you might have already guessed that I am a growing fan. I think he has a great attitude, and he is very, very skilled. With just 1 fight (that lasted about a minute) behind him, it would be pretty easy to say that he is just a wrestler in a division that has plenty already, but the fact that he is better at straight wrestling than any other welterweight can't be ignored, nor can his tenacity, willingness to learn, and the fact that he already has been doing BJJ for a couple years and put himself in a great camp. This guy will be huge...he might just replace Koscheck in my both favorite welterweights, favorite MMA wrestlers, and worst hair ever lists.



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3. Mo Lawal

Record: 3-0

Style: Wrestling

Accomplishments: NCAA D II National Champ - NCAA DI All American - World Team Member placed 5th at Worlds - Placed second at Olympic team trials.

Notes: This guy might not count, since he has been making more noise lately, but at 3-0 it seems silly to assume everyone knows him. His wrestling is fantastic, he has heavy motherfucking hands (he took Wuiff out in the first round due to strikes in his MMA heavyweight!), is about as athletic as a guy can get, and (like Askren) he has a great camp (team quest) and a great attitude. Despite calling himself "King Mo" and being a hilariously cocky motherfucker, he has a very realistic view on his abilities and has shown himself to be very level headed and quite understanding of how he can improve himself, and he is comfortable with taking on lesser competition until he is ready for the big show, which is a very, very good thing. It might sound kinda cowardly to some (dumb) people, but there have been A LOT of fighters that have pushed themselves (or been pushed) forward too fast and paid for it. Just ask his teammate, Sokoudjou. He is content with sticking back and cultivating his already prodigious talents, which is a smart move.


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4. Tyron Woodley

Record: 1-0

Style: Wrestling

Accomplishments: 2 time all American wrestler

Strengths: Wrestling, and apparently he has some heavy ass hands.

Notes: Some of you might see his less than stellar (comparatively) list of accomplisments and wonder how exactly I can say that he will be successful with any confidence, when he has even less credentials than the newbs already listed and doesn't have enough MMA experience to accurately gauge him. Well, let me address that concern for the completely imaginary and nonexistant people wondering it.

For one: He just won by KO in about 60 seconds in his debut, for two: The dude is a fantastic wrestler, for three: He went 7-0 as an amateur, finishing all of them, and for four: He has already joined with the same camp as Askren. On top of that, the guy has a great story. I already like wrestlers, but he just reminds me of me, so I might...well, so I am biased. He worked his way up from nothing, he got caught up in gangs, he almost dropped out of school, and the school he went to wanted to put in in a "special" team that was for people with behavioral problems, but he refused. Due to this, he was put on a team that required him to keep great grades to stay on, which was a challenge he rose to meet by getting straight A's for the remainder of the time he was in school. He used wrestling as both a crutch and as a way to improve his station in life, which he did by getting into college due to it. That kind of tenaciousness is not only a likable/inspiring attribute, it shows a iron will, and sheer strength of will is a very, very good thing to have in MMA.

And shit, a 2 time All-American winner is hardly anything to write off.



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JimDaeWong2010-05-13 15:28:43 +0000 #2
Wow great job man.
asugar2010-05-13 16:08:24 +0000 #3

Originally Posted by JimDaeWong

Wow great job man.


It should be noted that out of all the MMA related topics I have posted on this site, this is the first one that was completely original content.

What I mean by that isn't that I stole them from other people, but rather that I took topics I had already written in the past and recycled them.

This was the first I wrote for this forum.

Not that I expect many of you to give a shit about such things, since I hold no pretensions about my worth as a poster, I just thought it was funny.
JimDaeWong2010-05-13 16:45:41 +0000 #4
It's cool you always give credit to other for their original ideas. To us it's new, so it's cool.

Let's call this your first post.
Misfit2010-05-13 17:16:52 +0000 #5
Good job asugar as usual. You mentioned Pat Berry a while ago so I have already been watching for him. I remember his first UFC fight and think, aw, this is the guy asugar told me about and you were right. Don't let me down on these other ones buddy ;)
asugar2010-05-13 17:07:48 +0000 #6
Oh, I wrote all the topics I have posted, just not for the specific purpose of posting here.

And all my posts I have made that aren't topic starting ones (if that makes sense, I can't think of a way to word it better) are original for this site.



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