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Daley's Pussification Is Legendary! (update: Dana fires Semtex)

Adam152010-05-17 19:27:29 +0000 #1
There's only one thing more cowardly than a sucker punch... and that's have the victim stand there and smile afterwards.

He had a free shot and did nothing with it.

He's a disgrace and a pussy. UFC has to drop him after that.
PITTFOX2010-05-17 19:34:52 +0000 #2
They were right about finding out who the real pussy would be after the fight.
Best80smovieRAD2010-05-17 20:13:20 +0000 #3
You're from England too

peace Daleyyyyyyy
seansloan2010-05-17 20:47:14 +0000 #4
Should be some fireworks from Dana in the post.He is obviously fired because he is easily replaceable and doesnt put any asses in the seat
Best80smovieRAD2010-05-17 20:38:04 +0000 #5
Daley will do better in Strikeforce. Cung Le and Scott Smith are easy wins for him and he wont need to worry about Shields
Ash2010-05-17 19:59:26 +0000 #6
In all honesty, it was the most entertaining part of an otherwise horrid fight. I mean, I wanted to punch Koscheck when that chunk of **** was over, too. I don't really think the punch is any worse than Josh's pretending he was being fouled.



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