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Gomi's life partner is "clean"

scrove2010-05-24 15:26:20 +0000 #1

Overeem peed clean for Strikeforce's independent testing.

No word on if he was tested by the Missouri AC.
Jay2010-05-24 15:42:43 +0000 #2
War Ubereem!!
Mtn Man2010-05-24 15:53:20 +0000 #3
Did his HIV test come back clean?
Thumpin2010-05-24 16:05:00 +0000 #4

Originally Posted by Mtn Man

Did his HIV test come back clean?

Yes, but not his pregnancy test.
dcapps9532010-05-24 15:42:19 +0000 #5
Can we stop this whole life partner stuff. That is gay! Also the Chris Leben on the poll results. That's is old and no longer funny!



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