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Lashley v Sparks

TheIcon2010-05-26 19:22:16 +0000 #1
Haven't seen anything posted. I might have missed it.
Jay2010-05-26 19:28:17 +0000 #2
Who vs Who?

Lol j/k~
Bduran2010-05-26 19:43:58 +0000 #3
Good thing lashley is finally stepping up in competition.
BulldogWrestler2010-05-26 20:07:16 +0000 #4
I think Sparks beats him. Lashley is only able to win (and rather unimpressivly) by pushing around his competition. Sparks is too big to do that to.
Don Frye2010-05-26 20:15:56 +0000 #5
Lashley is going to kill Hal Sparks.
TheIcon2010-05-26 21:33:13 +0000 #6
I know nothing about Sparks. He looks like a big fellow but that means very little. Lashley has done nothing to impress me though. He seems very slow to me. Especially his takedowns. Its almost like I can see him thinking his moves out.



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