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Dream 14- Nick Diaz vs. Mach in the white cage!

dcapps9532010-05-30 07:56:27 +0000 #1
I think that it is interesting that it is in a Cage in Japan. I think that neutralizes some of Mach's home field advantage. Diaz is a huge favorite to win this (by the oddsmakers). Japanese fighters are not being thought of as highly as they were even a year ago!

I think Diaz is thought of as a little better than he really is. I also think Mach has not deminished as much as people think he has (same with most Japanese fighters as well too). I still think Diaz is the favorite, but I think people are underestimating Mach too much! So he lost his last two, and his win against Aoki is looking as good. Still he is Hayato "Friggin" Sakurai!
PITTFOX2010-05-30 08:11:03 +0000 #2
Mach is a tricky fighter so Nick need to be careful for counter strikes but I think he takes this in vintage Diaz style.
E51502010-05-30 08:42:12 +0000 #3
Diaz by whatever he wants. (As usual)
BruceLee2010-05-30 08:44:17 +0000 #4
DREAM using the cage for this fight really defeats the whole purpose of the Strikeforce-DREAM home and away series.

I think Sasahara really doesn't know what he's doing. He just doesn't seem to have a grasp for MMA like Sakikabara and Akira Maeda have.

I love the story that Big Nog tells, where they had a RINGS tryout and out of about 500 fighters in the room, Maeda picked Big Nog and Fedor to fight in RINGS and knew they would be stars.



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