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IF rashad were to lnp 'page...

bhorrrr2010-05-30 15:24:36 +0000 #1
i'll pose a question here because i keep seeing the potential of rashad lnp'ing come up and i can't make the decision myself.

if rashad were to win by lnp after both guys have said repeatedly that they don't just want to fight one another, but destroy one another, is that a copout for rashad?

throw out whether you think he actually CAN lnp page or not, let's just say he can for this discussion. i think on one side, you could say rashad clearly controlled page and clearly proved he's the bigger, badder man by being able to control page. on the other side, you could say that after THIS amount of trash-talking, either you're going for the big finish or p*ssing out.

for the record, i'd define lnp'ing as getting the td, putting his ear on page's chest, and throwing a few (absolutely useless) "body-body-head" combos. if he's successfully trying to pass guard (a la gsp) or delivering brutal blows (a la brock), i wouldn't count it.

so, by that definition, IF rashad were to do that after THIS much trash-talk and talking about destroying one another, would that be a copout (and possibly even a little dishonorable on his part)?

i tend to lean towards saying yes, but i can't decide and yous guys is pretty smart sometimes...

discuss. or ignore. whatever.

edit: sh*t. i messed up and double-posted. i'm sorry, guys.

Adam152010-05-30 15:31:59 +0000 #2
I have a feeling that's exactly what he's going to do. Rashad has too much intelligence to stand with Rampage, especially after what happened to him against Machida. Rashad's boxing and general standup is atrocious, he just has big power.

He'll more than likely take Rampage down and try to control him there. Whether it's a cop out or not isn't going to matter to him. Remember, Koscheck said he was going to knock Daley out and then took him down at every opportunity. It's just big talk to sell the fight.
Raker2010-05-30 16:03:21 +0000 #3
No, if Page can't stop Rashad from lnp'n him then maybe he should have worked more on his takedown defense than complaining about the UFC and filming movies. I've never ever shed a tear for a guy who can't stop takedowns and allows another guy to have his way with him for 3 rounds.
bhorrrr2010-05-30 15:58:26 +0000 #4
i had the same questions with kos and just didn't post it. i kind of feel the same way about kos. i mean, i guess kos could've been legit when he said he was going to destroy daley. maybe he thought he'd be able to pass his guard and get mount and pound on him and it just didn't happen. i don't know. i just kind of wish he said he was going to go in to win the fight and be done with it, because he had to know after the first two rounds that he didn't actually have a chance of really destroying daley on the ground.

as far as page not being able to stop him.. i get what you're saying. i'm not saying page would deserve to WIN if rashad just laid on him. all i'm asking is that if you say you're going to destroy someone, and not just say it, but say it adamantly, is it a copout if all you REALLY intend to do is lay on him?
geno325is2010-05-30 16:07:25 +0000 #5
if the ref allows the Lnp, thats the UFC's fault. I guess i cant hate on him for doing his plan (if thats the case). That said, they gotta stand these boring LnP fighters up more often.

that said, WAR Rampage!!!!
LuckyD2010-05-30 17:38:24 +0000 #6
I really don't see this fight hitting the ground much at all.

Page isn't exactly an easy guy to get down, and Rashad isn't this absolutely world class wrestler some think he is. Plus, he's not a big 205'er at all.

IMO only way it goes to the ground is if/when someone gets dropped.

Rashad can go for whatever game plan he damn well chooses, if he goes for the boring LnP win, well, can't blame him for wanting to take an easy win (although it would be far from easy, hopefully you get my point...).



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